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All Reviews by Smiling Jack
 from White Lightning
Studio: VCA

Pass On This

For as long as I had to wait for this in my rental line-up, it was a real disappointment. It had some good points, but the way the camera moves from being a long distance away to only about 2 inches and cutting back and forth was just a distraction and a turn off. I loved Ginger Lynn in the past, but this one you can pass on.

 from Satyr
Studio: Wicked

boring & weird

Didn't enjoy this one bit. Found it boring and weird. Maybe the animal tail butt plugs just turned me off. Sent it back the very next day.

 from Katrina Pornochic #2
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Put On In The Background

Very hot women but just so-so sex. The orgy at the end is probably the best scene, but still lacks something to put it over the top. So far the worst of the Pornochic series that I've watched. Maybe good to put on in the background, mute the sound, and put on your own music, but otherwise skip this one.

 from Sweatshop
Studio: Wicked

get "erotik" instead

i rented this after seeing kaylani lei in the movie "erotik." i kept this movie for a day before sending it back. i kept "erotik" for over a week.

 from Make It A Triple
Studio: Wicked

Not Worth The Time.

Yes, this is a LONG dvd with a LOT of scenes -- all 3-somes. But all in all, it wasn't worth the time. I'm not looking for some storyline -- I love compilations. But there was just something not so hot about this set.

 from Hot Property
Studio: Vivid

Bonus Features Were Better Than The Movie.

The movie was not that good. Most of the sex scenes were TOO staged and TOO cold. Also too many close ups for my taste. I prefer seeing People having sex rather than just organs. But the bonus scenes were pretty good especially the first which is fantastic! I actually kept the movie for a couple extra days just for the bonus scenes!

 from Erotik
Studio: Wicked

Nice Movie

The film is very nice. A series of 7 scenes with no story. Think of an Andrew Blake film but with actual guy/girl hardcore. The sound isn't bad, but I played it a second time with the volume turned all the way down and playing a DJ Shadow record (yes, and actual record) to make my own soundtrack. This is the kind of movie I imagine playing on a large screen at a sex club while people dance and fuck on the dance floor.

 from Sandy Pornochic #5
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Worst Of The Pornochic Series

Not the worst adult film I've ever seen, but very far from the best and it's the worst one I've seen in the Pornochic series. Beautiful women, but not as great as others in the series. And the sex is just downright BORING. Weird to say that about sex, but it's true in this film. Skip it for another in the series.

 from Camp Cuddly Pines: Powertool Massacre (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

All The Camp Of Great Horror Movies Plus Sex!

This movie was pure hilarity mixed with good sex scenes. Combines the best camp that I've always loved from movies like Halloween and Friday The 13th with the sex that has always been missing.

 from Curse Eternal (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Nice To See Some Smaller Breasts!

This was far from the best for story, acting, or sex. But I found it refreshing to see some smaller breasts for a change! I'd consider getting this one again.

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