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All Reviews by SlickLick
 from American Pie
Studio: Vivid


Serious porn, was knocked out my socks, (all of 'em), on a couple of scenes there. There is pulse raising anal action going on that you will not want to miss.

 from Grand Opening
Studio: Classic X

A Very Tasty Treat!!!

If you are into 'natural', the real natural, then you should get a kick out of this flick. If you are into seroius muff diving, then you should get a kick out of this flick. The hair is real, and the tits are real. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the quality of the film, but keep in mind it is a classic from 1985. The scenes with Kristara Barrington got to get you going. The bodies are beautiful and the action is unabating. This one should not be missed.

 from That's My Daughter
Studio: VCX

Very Confusing

This is one you can miss. The only reason it got 2 stars is because it is a classic, (real body parts and hair), and because of the cast. If the trailer acknowledged the 'cameos' by Lisa and Arcadia it might be more acceptable. While Sharon was in several scenes, she was not really being Sharon until the end. I mean you got 3 powerhouses available and miss the opportunity. I was so looking forward to seeing Arcadia and Sharon getting together, but alas, not this go 'round. The film acted like it wanted to be a drama, the sex scenes were few, seemed aborted and totally disconnected. A true disappointment and missed opportunity.

 from Wet, Wild & Wicked
Studio: VCX

Take a pass on this one

I think there are a few areas of concern with this flick; the girls ain't that great, the faces ain't fine, just fair, and there are no bangin' bods. There is no real cohesion, and the energy level is zilch.

 from Body Shop
Studio: VCX

On The Money

Amber is 2nd only to Ginger, and while Amber is not in every scene, she certainly makes her 'presents felt'. In typical Amber style, she utilizes her 'presents' with that unabated energy she exudes when she is gifting her 'presents'. Well worth the watch!!!

 from Femdom Facesitters #2
Studio: Old Pueblo

What a waste

i don't ThinkI have ever seen such an unlattering cast ia any movie period. It is quite clear all the women had cosmetic work done,and one would figure if they paid good money to look good then they should do that - look good; they don't. Also, it takes forever for the scene to develop. What a waste.

 from Reel Old Timers #3
Studio: Gentlemen's

Shred the reel

This is one that really misses the mark, I'm sure it would have received a 1 star when it was produced in 1902. I am a reel fan of vintage and early porn, the women seemed naturally, natural at the time, but just being natural does not toe the line. This effort drops the ball, leave it in the can.

 from Addicted #1
Studio: New Sensations


That's right, this movie is such a self-contradiction. I had to give it more than 2 stars because the babes are gorgeous, and some scenes are so damn intense. But, unfortunately, those scenes are just too looonnnggg; and each scene is a repeat of the previous one. To add insult to injury, as intense as some of the sucking was there was no girl on girl sucking: that sucked! If you turn it off after the 2nd scene you will enjoy the movie more.

 from When Ginger Met Nina
Studio: Triangle Films

Time To Retire

Love Nina, and Ginger is the best there was, operative word: was; even the best quarterback has to hang up his shoes at some point. The game is still for youngsters, there is always the 'old' tapes. Bypass this one and try to find a copy of the 'Poonies.'

 from Pretty Sloppy #4 (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

Caught by surprise

This film was a departure for me, I'm truly a 'Classics' fan; 1995 is usually my cutoff date. And I am not into anal, but the movie put me in a somewhat bewildering moment. The anal scenes with the trio in the first encounter was electrifying. I had no idea a hole could stretch to such a size. The lick is the trick; and it seems now that the lick in the butt is even trickier. I was truly surprised the the level of excitement. Unfortunately, that level could not be sustained. When they got to the spitting part I thought I might loose my lunch. I had to fast forward through the first scene somewhat, to try and get away from the spitting. Howver, it seems the practice became amplified in the group scene. I had to sut it down, I couldn't stomach anymore. I still felt I should give it more than 3 stars given how arousing SOME of the movie was, but in all fairness I couldn't since I was really unable to finish watching it. But it is worth a look, (if you can)!

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