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All Reviews by Skip
 from Caribbean Undercover
Studio: Adam & Eve

Weak offering

I have to agree with the ones that gave this DVD 2 stars, in fact I don't think it deserves more than one. The background music is horrific, you would be better off putting it on mute. The picture quality is poor, on the fuzzy side, sometimes shot so far away you can't see anything. As for as a story line, it's pretty much non existence, with a number of sexual encounters inserted along the way. Almost all the guys practice safe sex(condoms). Safe sex is commendable, but don't practice it on my dime! The only positive point in the whole mess is the women. They are all good looking, with great bodies! Hey, what do I know, rent it and see what you think!

 from Pussyman Auditions #2
Studio: Snatch

Good Looking Ladies

this offering has the best looking ladies of any dvd i've seem lately! not only are they good looking, they are good at their job. we've all seen the flicks where the girl showes as much passion as a dead fish. sometimes it seems like there must be someone holding up cuecards saying-"moan" or say "oh baby". i didn't give it a 5 because it's pretty much sop, don't expect anything different.but it's worth a look.

 from Gangbang Girl #31
Studio: Anabolic

Some Good-Some Just Ok

The movie synopsis might lead you to believe that Claudia Adkins was the only star in this DVD.Read on, you'll notice Angel and Judy Star are noted below as stars. You'll be glad they were involved. Claudias segment was OK, but that's all, pretty much SOP. But Angel and Judy really got it on, making the whole DVD worthwhile Give the twosome a 4, 2 for Claudia = 3 overall average.

 from Pop Shots
Studio: Diabolic


I guess if you like to see guys come on a girls face, you'll like this one. Because that is all it's about! Time after time, with little imagination in any of the scenes. Call me old fashion, but I found it BORNING!

 from Little White Slave Girls #4
Studio: Evasive Angles

Not That Good !

Sorry, I didn't find this one all that GOOD! If your into facial cum shots , knock yourself out. I found nothing exciting in the entire offering. The submission bit was weak, all the fake moaning was distracting. One star is pushing the envelope for me.

 from Un-Natural Sex #10
Studio: Diabolic

Some Good-Some Bad

Here's the premise of this DVD in a nutshell. Take a number of sex scenes. Put a young girl telling a story about a relationship with her stepfather as a pre-teen between the scenes. She also does her own bit with two guys at the end. This girl does a great job at storytelling. She makes it very believable, maybe it is !! Whatever, she comes across as cute and very sensual. The other sex scenes are below par, or at least the girls are. They sure arn't up to the standard we've come to expect and enjoy in the industry today.

 from Fetish Fanatics #10: Girls Who Cram Toys In Their Twats
Studio: Dreamland

Ok !

When you tack a word like fetish on a DVD it implies, in my mind, more than this movie produced! Don't get me wrong, it was OK, but just OK - not that good. What wasn't OK was the quality of the picture, along with the sound. But, as far as the sound goes, I guess if you have heard one moan you,ve heard them all. Worth a look, but I would push it to the bottom of your rental line-up!

 from Mila Queen of Nasty: Diary Of A Squirt Queen
Studio: Danger Boy


If you want to see some kinky stuff, this flick has a bit! If you want to see one of the worlds ugliest ASSHOLES, this flick has one! Other than that the DVD doesn't have much going for it.I did like the sense of humor the cast had, especially the guys. I might have given this 3 stars if it would have had a decent lighting and camera man.Some of the scenes were so dark you could not see a thing.The guy on the camera had no idea how to set up a scene, or get a good angle.The whole offering looked like an amateur shoot!

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Not Bad

I thought it was a little better than AURIGHT ! Here's the mix in a nutshell. A bunch of guys, well hung, coupled with 3 girls. The guys perform pretty much as expected. The staying power of a few was a little unrealistic. Maybe they injected thier Dicks with novocaine! It's the only explanation I have, because the girls are attrative, young, and seem to enjoy thier work.Worth renting !

 from Violation of Gia Paloma, The
Studio: JM Productions

Massive Toys!

The first part of this offering is just filler,something to make the DVD a decent length.Two girls and a dildo, nothing new,nothing exciting. Bore yourself,or fast forward to the real meat of this flick.A lady(Gia Palome)trying to sell sex toys to a bunch of bored housewives The women turn on Gia and use the toys on her. You're supposed to think the victim is not happy with all the attention she's getting. That doesn't come across very well, but who cares, your too busy watching these girls shove massive toys up her BUTT! It's a little gross to think about, but she must have to wear a diaper after this filming. Not great, butt(pun)worth a look.

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