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All Reviews by Skeltons
 from Titty-Titty Bang-Bang
Studio: Adam & Eve

Not what we thought!

I thought this would be similar to the old movie. However, it was more like scenes from many old movies. Kinda boring!!

 from Head Master #2
Studio: Adam & Eve

Midleading Title

We thought this movie would be more "giving head" or "getting head" not about teachers, leaders etc... No real theme.

 from Angels Of Mercy
Studio: Adam & Eve

Kinda Slow, but different.

Enjoyed this movie more than some recent rentals we've watched. It's a different kind of idea & very interesting. We enjoyed this & had some amazing sex!

 from X Girls
Studio: Adam & Eve


It was okay. Not a movie we would want to watch again. It was just okay, not exciting and not a very entertaining piece.

 from Jane Blond DD7
Studio: Adam & Eve

Good fun!

After this movie, we had such a great time! We watched alot of the movie, it has a good storyline. The plot combined with the actors was fantastc!

 from Never Been Touched
Studio: Adam & Eve

Off based?

Not the type of movie we like. We prefer storylines, more action, less talking.

 from A Midsummer Night's Cream
Studio: Adam & Eve

Kind of a BORE!!

We didn't care much for this one. Pretty boring & seemed to be too old fashioned for us!

 from Puss N' Boots
Studio: Adam & Eve

Get some...

The movie started off a little odd, girls fighting then abruptly stopped before beginning the sex side. Not a bad movie though.

 from Head Master #1
Studio: Adam & Eve

Not alot of Head in this!!

We watch alot of movies, this one just didn't do it for us. We had to watch a second movie after this. Not alot of head in this movie, more about teachers?

 from Myplace #1
Studio: Greedy

My favorite place to be!!

Pretty good, newer storyline. I like the way it incorporate social media! Love it!

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