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All Reviews by Sirpornopolis
 from Hot Legs
Studio: Elegant Angel

Nice One

this is a nice feature from the late 90's, full of real porn stars (asia carrera, julie meadows, alexandra silk). the sex is nice and the main reason i love this time period of porn- the girls seem very sensual. unlike "gonzo" flicks where half the girls look high, stoned or bored, these girls seem to be into it. highly recommended for fans of feature porn and foot/leg fetish.

 from Black Widow
Studio: Cal Vista

Dee! That's All You Gotta Know

Great 'feature' porn from the early 00's. The real reason to see this is watching the amazing Dee totally own her scene! I love this girl and she's incredibly sexy here as well. Little on the plot, heavy on the sex, but not gonzo (which is perfect for me).

 from Submissive Little Sluts #2
Studio: Odyssey

Not Much To This One

With names like Alexandra Silk, I thought this would be a good rental. Besides the scene starring Chloe, the girls are not that good looking and the sex is pretty ordinary. Skip this one.

 from North Pole #6
Studio: New Sensations

That's All?

I've had bowel movements that lasted longer than this thing. Clocking in at an hour and 15 minutes, you'd think Peter North would toss in a few bonus scenes or something to get this puppy to a respectable 90 minutes. But this thing lost me way before the 75 minute mark. Pretty lifeless scenes with no originality. It was great to look at Charlie again, but even here scene was ordinary.

 from Other Lover, The
Studio: Dreamland

Pretty Ordinary

This is a features title so no gonzo stuff here, and for that its pretty serviceable but ordinary. Best scene features Lola Vargas. If you're a fan of hers, it may be worth a rental. Everything else is fairly unremarkable... and it begins with a boring lesbian scene in a bathtub. A definite "miss" for me as far as late 90's early 00's titles are concerned.

 from Chica Boom #10
Studio: Kick Ass

One Of The Few 5 Starers

This is one of thew few DVD's I've given 5 stars too. What initially brought me to this flick was the presence of Jenna Haze. But, in addition to her scene with Mark Davis (which, when these 2 get together, sparks fly!) you've got excellent scenes with Melissa Milano, Kennedy, and an actress named Nyomi Arman who I'd never seen before. Labeled as Peruvian, this girl is a stunner with a tight body and naturalistic performance. Highly recommend this one... especially if you like brunettes!

 from Specs Appeal #3
Studio: Kick Ass


Previous writer has this one right. Girls are nice (especially my girl, Jenna Haze) but its repetitive and not too sexy. Best part- the blooper reel. It's kinda fun watching porn actors screwing up and having fun sometimes. Especially with one of the guys ad libbing his "country bumpkin" lines for some pretty funny reactions from cast and crew.

 from Teen Power! #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Only 1 Reason To Rent This

And that's for the Jezzaree scene. Wow, I love this girl (though she seems to be long lost from the business). But even her scene can't save this train wreck. I'm not sure if the producers were going for sorta-not-pretty girls or they didn't have time to find any, but 4 of the 5 girls look beat up and ragged. And the punk rock girl is just scary. This barely held my interest even with a decent Jezzaree scene. Avoid it.

 from Tease Me Then Please Me #1
Studio: Platinum X

Well Done

Teagan is hot. Her scenes are certainly the most arousing in this flick. If you like seeing girls being degraded a little bit and having to beg for it, then this is your movie! I hadn't seen any of the girls before so that was interesting.

 from All Dressed Up And No One To Blow
Studio: Wicked

More Is Defintely Not Better

My interest in Wicked Pictures compilation series is beginning to wane. Yes, this one is 4 hours worth of fucking and sucking, but it's put together with little imagintaion or eroticism. You get big names (Asia Carrera, Dee, Jenna Jamseson) but nothing exciting. A majority of the scenes are so ordinary and the girls don't look like they're having much fun. There are plenty of better compilation dics out there. This isn't one of them.

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