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All Reviews by Shannon
 from Better Ho's & Gardens
Studio: Wicked


I liked it enough to buy it, there where a lot of good looking couples and some good moves. Some of the couples I've could of done with out, but enough good ones to purchase it.

 from Jail House Girls
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

Hot Girls

I love this movie, and plan on buying it when I get the movie. I liked the first chick/scene but I'm not sure who it was. (I'm fairly new to the porno world and don't know the actors/actresses.)

 from Spanked Asses
Studio: Bizarre Video

Very Disappointing...

I rented this one based on the ratings and after watching it I really felt it was lame. Sure there are a lot of asses but the spankings per ass only last what 10-15 minutes a piece. Plus I did not find anyone particularly attractive. Then half way through one of the scenes the picture gets a little bouncy, like they just took a VCR tape and put it onto a DVD disk. It was very poorly put together. The scenes didn't really follow one another either..just jumped from one group to the next. I would not waste my time on this dvd.

 from Bondage Babes #2
Studio: Bizarre Video

Don't Waist Time!

I watched about half of it (if that even) and one thing I noticed the scenes in the movie where way to short! I mean they averaged about 10 minutes a piece. And the second thing I wondered during the movie: Where was the bondage? Sure they where being spanked and one guy was having hot wax dipped on him but I mean ropes, and gags and things like that. I saw one scene with a woman who had her hands clapsed together. But other then that I did not see actual BONDADGE, which I assumed would be part of the movie. I was so disappointed with this movie I quit watching and sent it back today.

 from Sexpose' #3
Studio: Teravision

Where's The Sex?

I watched this waiting for the sex scene's to show stead they where like 10 second clips in between 30 minute interview. I was shocked the movie was over just like that and I was still waiting to see a sex scene. I just got this movie today but I plan on returning it tomorrow...I would not waste your time with this movie.

 from AAA Bondage Company #5
Studio: C Woody

Where's the rest of it?

Okay I'm usually a fan of bondage, but let me warn you, if you're looking for a movie with any kind of action, don't waist your time with this. It is just girls tied up and a guy speaking to them behind the camera. That is it. And most of the girls where tied up in the same left me wondering where the XXX in the movie was besides some exposer.