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All Reviews by Sexical
 from Cute Exotic Girls #4
Studio: West Coast

Was Not Impressed

there is nothing really going on here in this movie. The girls aren't really even that cute and the action is somewhat boring. 5 scenes, 2 anals.

 from Cute Exotic Girls #9
Studio: West Coast

There are some really hot scenes in here. Anal play is in 5 out of 6 of the scenes. Cute girls for the most part. Two scenes I didn't really like, because the girls in them were not very cute.

 from Cute Exotic Girls #2
Studio: West Coast


I wasn't that impressed. The girls weren't that cute, or interested in the sex. Five scenes, 1 anal, 1 condom scene.

 from Brandon Iron's Rampage #5
Studio: West Coast

pretty good

I have to give this a solid rating. Cute girls, good action, lots of anal, and 7 scenes! The last 2 are kind of short, but long enough to enjoy.

 from Fresh Butts & Natural Tits #3
Studio: West Coast


Overall this movie is really good. Cute girls, good action, some anal. There are seven scenes (two shorties). One of the scenes, scene 4, is from scene 3 in Brandon Iron's Rampage 5. Coincidentaly, I happened to check out both these movies at the same time to discover that. What are the odds of that happening?

 from Girl Fun #1
Studio: DreamGirls


This entire movie revolved around these two girls (essentially one scene). I didn't think they were that attractive. I'd check out another movie in this series though.

 from Specs Appeal #13
Studio: Kick Ass


There's nothing special going on here. Relatively short scenes, not quite DVD quality. Other than that the girls are pretty hot.

 from Girls On Girls #1
Studio: New Sensations

Pretty Good

Some pretty hot girls here with some decent lick action. Quite a few toys but at least they do lick a lot and they do anal with the toys.

 from I'm For Sale!
Studio: Kick Ass

this wasn't total garbage, but it's not too great. very short scenes with basic sex. the quality is not dvd quality. the theme of the movie is kind of a lame gimic - they pretend like they are selling them on tv. same thing every scene, doing a lil workout with "place your bid now" flashing on the screen.

 from Naked Diva
Studio: Studio A

Artistic Erotica

Don't rent this movie if you're looking for action! This movie is the Andrew Blake style, which for you non-familiars, is artistic erotica. Primarily it involves 1, 2, or 3 girls in a scene just rubbing each others legs, body, breasts, and getting near the goods, but doing nothing with them. There is not one frame of a girl's mouth getting closer than a few inches away from the kitty. This is the kind of movie you leave running in the background during a sex party or some other naughty event (sex club?). Couple of complaints, 1) some of the scenes were really short (3 minutes), 2) most of the music was horrible (melodrama depressing), 3) a lot of the outfits were ugly.

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