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All Reviews by Sexical
 from Latin Lickers
Studio: Evasive Angles

Pretty Good

There is a lot of selection in this one. 13 scenes, ALL oral only, mostly 1-1, but a few 2-1s. Some of the girls are really cute, while others are on the other end of that scale. White and black cocks are in this. Only real complaint is that some of the scenes are just too short. One is only 4 minutes long, hardly enough time to flog the dolphin, know what I'm saying?

 from Hellcats #2
Studio: Evil Angel

good stuff

This was pretty good. Cute girls, doing naughty things! Only 5 scenes. There is this one scene worth mentioning... the scene with kitty. Okay, this girl looks like she is ten years old and in her scene she was coloring with crayons... need I say more? I'm not sure if it makes me a sicko for liking it or if they are the sickos for making it! :)

 from Oil Up & Fuck
Studio: Red Light District


There's nothing really going on here, just average porn. The girls didn't look to bad, it had anal and there are 6 scenes.

 from Dirty Girl
Studio: Baby Doll

not too bad

there are 6 scenes and two include girl-girl action only scenes, which I thought was a nice throw in. The girl-guy action was okay.

 from Lollipop Babies
Studio: Cherry Boxxx


There are some cute girls in here (a couple aren't). Most of them play with a lollipop before getting down to business with a guy. There are six scenes, but there is NO anal. They mix up the guys and the cum shots are pretty good. All are 1on1 scenes.

 from Innocent & Blindfolded
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

This movie is pretty good. There are mostly cute girls, decent looking guys. The blindfolded theme is different. Six scenes, unfortunately no anal in any of them.

 from It's Only A Dream
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

pretty good

Overall this was pretty good, cute girls, decent guys. Only problem I had was that there was no anal. Every scene is a one-on-one scene... and the theme is that they are dreaming when the sex is going on.

 from Pink Crush
Studio: Dreamland

Damn it! I got scammed!

There's better action on the box than actually in the movie!!! I knew I was in for trouble when the DVD started up and it had that 'worn-out' VHS grain and shake going on. One word sums this movie up: HORRIBLE! The picture quality is one of the worst I've ever seen, the sound quality is almost an insult to 10khz, there is a constant hum from the sound quality, and you can hear the director yapping! To top it off, there is only 56 minutes on this DVD!!! Suck fest! The action was weak and the girls weren't anything to brag about. All the pictures on the box come from the photos they shot with a 35mm. I'm sure as hell glad I didn't buy this garbage.

 from Tease Me With Your Toys
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

I was impressed with this movie. Hot girls, good looking guys, a lil toy action. Only thing missing was anal. This movie studio doesn't do any of that. But it still gets five stars.

 from Ass Obsession
Studio: Evil Angel

I'm a Nacho fan, he knows how to treat these girls. Overall this movie was okay. Only two out of six were worthwhile. There is this one scene that has this really unattractive woman in it. She was overweight, probably 40, and they even blocked out her face. Not his best movie.

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