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All Reviews by Rooster
 from White Panty Chronicles #6
Studio: Digital Playground

Oh My Goodness No...

Wow... where to begin. Girls are sorta ugly. There is NO emphasis on white panties other than they are wearing them for a minute before they are thrown off. And the camera work is so jumpy that I literally had a headache. Overall a big waste of time.

 from Sorority Strip-Off #4
Studio: DreamGirls

Just Waiting For Something To Happen!

i give this a "limp dick" rating. there was nothing to this movie! if you've been to a bachelor's party, you've seen more. girls get naked and dance on stage.. no sex.. they don't really touch themselves or each other. no good. i definetely do not recommend this movie.

 from Teen Power! #11
Studio: Kick Ass

Um... Okay...

I gave this two stars. It's okay. Nothing great. The girls in it are cute and the story is kind of funny. They read off letters asking for advice and they give the advice (usually screw people to get your way) then act out the scenario. The camera work is okay at best. Good if you like barely legal.

 from Eight Teen Tryouts #38
Studio: Devil's Films

Not Too Good.

This was tolerable at best. Eightteen tryouts really didn't live up to it's name. The girls just plain don't look like teenagers.

 from Happy 18th Birthday To Me! #1
Studio: Risque Entertainment

definetely lives up to the "barely legal" category.

I gave this 3 stars. It was okay. The girls in it DEFINETELY look young and I have no doubt that most if not all of them are actually 18. Good, not epic.

 from Chrissy The Campus Slut
Studio: Heatwave

Kind Of Interesting.

The girls are cute, and they actually attempt to follow the story line. They have a party scene where the first sex scene takes place. All in all I think it's good, not great and definetely not epic. Worth a rental for sure.

 from I've Never Done That Before #7
Studio: Wildlife

Not Bad At All!

Really not bad. I thought the girls were cute, there was good camera work and the story lines while being impossible still add enough to the story to make it entertaining.

 from White Guy Black Pie
Studio: 3rd Degree

Um... This Does Say Creampie, Doesn't It??

i give this a "limp dick" rating because, no creampie's!! none! just facial cumshots!