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All Reviews by Robx
 from Size Matters #1
Studio: Metro

Some Pretty Girls

Alexandra nice has a god scene as does Azlea Antistia. All in all it's decent, but it doesn't jump off the screen with tons of passion. If you like watching large cocks, it's good for that. It seems a bit dated, but it's not too bad about that.

 from Erotica XXX #5
Studio: Digital Sin

Double vaginal & double anal

If that's your thing, the this will work for you. Double vaginal is good here. It turns me on a lot & it satisfied my fetish. The girls aren't great, but they aren't horrible either.

 from Garden Of Seduction
Studio: New Sensations

By The Way....

I forgot to mention that between the scenes are some pretty "trippy" effects. I loved that - mind-altering and all that.... it helps, I think

 from Flesh Fest #3
Studio: Le'Wood Productions

The Best Girls

All of the girls in this film are so hot I could hardly stand it. Audrey has always been too loud for me & Trinity (one of my favorites) has always used the "fuck my ass" line WAY too much. But all the scenes are good & all the girls are so hot. Lauren Phoenix's scene is wonderful. It's sort of a Domme/sub thing which is fun. All in all it's great because of the girls. The sex is not bad but not the best.

 from Down Your Throat #4
Studio: Smash

Beautiful Women - Very Hot Blowjobs

Overall, this film is excellent. The women are absolutely gorgeous. Some of them unbelievably so.... If you like BJ movies, this would be an excellent choice.

 from Bell Bottoms #3
Studio: Brandon Iron Productions

Good Booty Movie (Sort Of)

The movie is sort of billed as a "butt" movie. There is an abundance of wonderful behinds - Gloria Gucci is especially great. Her scene is loooong. Most of the length is in the setup - walking down the street, being seduced by the camera guy, etc. It was a really great tease (and I tend not to get into that too much!) - very nicely done all the way around.

 from Russian Institute #1
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Good Schoolgirl

This was great because the "schoolgirl" part of things wasn't about exploitation. I saw a movie when I was a kid called "honey" - a girl in an institute...I thought that's what this would be, but I guess they mean institute like we use "boarding school" - I didn't care though. This was a very, very hot film.

 from Artcore: Masquerade
Studio: Anabolic

American Gonzo High Gloss?

I really enjoyed this movie. The artsy-fartsy Michael Ninn & Andrew Blake stuff is great - but the sex tends to be chopped up (editing, I mean) and sort of hidden behind the "art". This film is a really great mix of the artsy-fartsy stuff and hardcore sex - if you want nice sets & costumes but still want hardcore sex without all the vaseline on the lens, then it's great for that.

 from Just Facials #2
Studio: Fusxion

Quick scenes

This disc runs very short scenes. Straight to the facial. You can forward to any scene. Fabulous loads. If you like watching guys cum on pretty girls' faces (which I do), then this is a perfect movie for you.

 from Fishnets #4
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Very Sexy Teasing

I would have given this a 5 star review, but there were a couple of scenes that really left me flat. On the other hand, the ones that got me going REALLY got me going. Lisa Ann and Annette Schwartz were very good in particular. About half (or maybe even more) of each scene is of the woman putting her clothes on (?!>>!). But they do it in a wonderfully seductive way. If you like a tease, this is great. I usually don't like the teasing/stripping part of things, but this was so good I enjoyed it!

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