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All Reviews by Robert
 from Gaper Maker #3
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Great Porn!

Girls are hot! Sex is hot! This movie has a little of everything as far as the sex goes. There is no storyline just good sex. Defently worth the rent as long as your not looking for a porn with a stoyline.

 from Carmen Goes To College #1
Studio: New Sensations

Rent Something Else!

Yes it does have carmen in it but the story line sucked. The sex was ok but nothing special at all. Theres not that many sex scenes (4 I think). don't be fooled becuse carman is in it. There are deffently some better flicks with her in it than this one.

 from College Guide To Anal Sex
Studio: Shane's World

More Porno Than Info!

The only reason this flick gets two stars is because it is one of the first flicks that made me laugh really hard. Who can not laugh at an actual asshole that talks to you. Literaly the hole opens and closes as it talks to you. Other than that there was not really any information in this flick that was helpfull. All it takes is someon with some common sense and you already have the info this flick provides. The sex scenes were not good neather, the action was ok but the girls where not that great.

 from Teenage Jizz Junkies
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Not Bad At All!

Could be better but not hat bad. Girls are pretty hot. The other reviews say not that much swallowing but they are wrong. Deffently has some swallowing, even some sperm swaping. This one has a little of everything. Threesomes, anal, swallowing, sperm swaping, oral, ass to mouth, and good old straight sex. Worth watching at least a couple of times.

 from What Gets You Off... #2
Studio: 3rd Degree

Pretty Good!

A pretty good porn! Hot girls and hot sex. This one has a little of everything, so no matter your flavor there is a taste for you. Deffenetly worth the rent.

 from True Hollywood Twins
Studio: Vivid

Could Be Better!

Yes the are twins and they are hot but unfortunately no scenes of them pleasuring each other. They cannot act and it did not seem like they even wanted to be there. The sex is ok but not as good as it could of been. If you just want to see two identical girls having straight sex then go ahead and rent this one, just dont expect to much.

 from Illegal Ass #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

I Have Seen Better.

Just and average porn. Nothing really special about this one. Yes the is alot of anal but because of the quality of the girls its not that great. Most of the girls were ok but nothing to drull over. Just the cover led you to beleave this was a top notch porn, don't be fooled. Worth the rent if you have no other chocies.

 from Teenage Twins
Studio: VCX

Very Very Old!!!

Where do I begin. This movie is so old that the girls do not even trim the bush. So old that they still wear there hair real puffy. Yes the girls do apear to be actual twins and yes they do play with each other but so much hair that you can not even see the action. Only rent this one if you into a lot hair and antique porn.

 from Nina Hartley's Guide To Oral Sex
Studio: Adam & Eve

Great Information!

I give this flick four stars because it actualy does have some good information in it for both sexes. She talks in detail and even has demonstrations. She even goes in depth enough to show you some medical charts. Through her information I devised a stratagy to use on my girl and she loved it. Rent this flick only for the information, you might lear something.

 from Big Butt Teen Flesh #1
Studio: Bubble Butt Inc.

Not Bad At All!

This one is not bad at all! Most of the girls are pretty hot and one of them is simply outstanding. The girls butts are not huge but they are big with a great shape. All around good action. Only downside is there is only one scene that involves anal. None of the girls swallow. but overall a pretty good movie worth watching.

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