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All Reviews by Rimfire
 from Barely Legal #22
Studio: Hustler

kinda Hot

the movie had some hot porn action,alot i liked..some of the forplay was abit long winded..girls touching themselves etc they enjoy it more then guys do, the doggy action is what most men like due to the submit portrayal it shows. cute girls...not too sleezy for a doctors visit after,all in all..worth a look.

 from Lil' Red Riding Slut
Studio: Elegant Angel

is it just me ?

The storylne was bordered on silly,the girls were all hot..and some cute guys too for the girls,the picture/action was very good angles- id suggest more cussing and active indiffrence just exhibit more of a lust for the flesh which is what we all have too!

 from Diary Of A Mistress
Studio: Sunshine

Fairly Hardcore/Erotic

After watching this movie it doesnt have the spanking pretense of softporn,she gets fairly serious and the scenes of interaction make you belive shes really enjoying herself...this was a pretty good have preferred a hotter mistress but her abilitys were right on the mark!

 from Barely Legal Redheads
Studio: FilmCo

extra extra extra

The opening was borderline psycho..throws water and next shes giving him head-great screen play??..bottom line is the extras on the disk option were pretty had shortcuts off some better movies. ill take a disk full of extras...before id watch this again.

 from Roasting The Rump
Studio: Red Hot

It was fun enuff with severe enuff spankings to make it worth watching, i enjoyed the rate it higher if there were abit more meldramatic acting in it...even tho it is porn acvting is still required which maNY GIRLS SEEM TO FORGET.

 from Asses Of Face Destruction #9
Studio: Evil Angel

abit long winded Butt!

The girls start abit too in detail but the overall action is very direct and inticing