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All Reviews by Rimfire
 from Barefoot Confidential #28
Studio: Kick Ass

Another Slammer

I watched this film and FF thru alot of it,they did have this sexy indian looking girl that was kinda fun to watch, typical slammer movie.

 from Pale Bottom Needs Color
Studio: Metro

Soft-Porn Action(Yawn)

this was soft porn action as far as Spanking,the girls are sweet but if i see Spanking in the title i epect Hardcore..or at least some lesbian action to make the diffrence(yawn)

 from 2 Young To Fall In Love #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Innocence Is Hard To Fake

by the stry title i expected a young girl and some good acting, i got neather..they looked like hookers and over acted..too much moaning etc it isnt easy to act new or lustful...i yawned.

 from Spanking The Old Fashioned Way #1 & #2
Studio: Bizarre Video

Spanking Should Have Sex

I agree with both reviews, Spanking should have sex, it gets you in the mood but they never cry much...they never take advantage of the Red Butts in the Air... i do like the british realism...they swat them hard... i give this story...a passable ok.

 from Hot English Punishment
Studio: Bizarre Video

Brits Do It The Best!

i saw this flick and yes so far the British ar Hardcore Spanking Action, lots of Hot spanking,Hand,Cane,Whip,alittle Female action(spanking) too, i liked it..not a fluff flick!

 from Cheerleaders Spanked
Studio: Bizarre Video

Passable Softporn

the girls were young and hot...the interaction was okay...kinda softporn for had a few highlights like in the locker room the ebony cheerleader is jumping naked and her firm tittys are bouncing,...the spanking is too mild,theres very little sex at all in the scenes, all in all it wa mildly amusing but very limited in heat/passion.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #23: Anal Queens
Studio: Kick Ass


it suprised me...the 1st few girls were okay..but 2 of them were Hot! i mean make a vegas showgirl look jealious! the last one and the other i foret her name but this is a must see video if you like anal action.

 from X-Rated Cartoons
Studio: VCX


i watched this sex agenda expecting jap type cartoons,instead i got a lewd version of disneys back alley,while it contained some interesting clips for the most part it was lousy!

 from Asian Spanking Discipline
Studio: Bizarre Video


it was cute for the asian faces/figures...but the spanking was soft porn...not the intense intraction i like fro a spanking film. i enjoyed the asian porn bevause ive never seen any before but..(yawn)

 from Rodney Moore's Red Rumpers #2
Studio: LBO


its not British porn as far as the Spanking goes but the girls are cute and its passable.

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