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All Reviews by Randy
 from First Lady, The (Les Nuits de la Presidente)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Not Their Best But Still Good

Marc Dorcel/ Alain Payet movies are known for beautiful European settings, great looking girls and interesting plots. However,this is not one of their better efforts. The storyline is implausible ,to say the least.The French President ( Laurie Sinclair) likes to moonlight as a hooker. When some compromising photos turn up, she and her trusty assistant try very hard to recover them. They are put through some increasingly bizarre sexcapades by the blackmailer but they finally manage to turn the tables on him and destroy the photos. Laurie Sinclair is one hot piece and is as good as ever and Erika Bella is fine in the orgy scene ; the rest of the women are so-so. Many of the sex scenes are rushed, perhaps because the director is trying to cram too much in.Worth a rental.

 from A Night With Melanie
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Superior Erotica

A typical Marc Dorcel video:beautiful bodies,luxurious settings,and the merest thread of a story, sufficient to tie the scenes together without interfering with the 'action'. What I also like is that even though the sex is 'hard' , the men treat the women with consideration. They don't slap them around or call them 'whore' or 'slut' when fucking them as is so often the case in porn videos these days.The overall rating was probably dragged down because of low ratings from viewers who didn't like the fact that the movie was dubbed. Dubbing doesn't bother me but the use of condoms did, a little.

 from Hanadensha, The
Studio: Oriental Dream

Interesting But ....

...definitely not erotic.The pussy tricks (bending a stainless steel spoon,lifting weights, firing darts to burst balloons etc,) are amazing but ultimately become a bore.

 from Major's Lady, The
Studio: VCX

Definitely Not A Classic

A couple of the sex scenes are hot but, overall, this an amateurish production that had me wondering if it was intended as a spoof.Ridiculous plot,hammy acting,laughable dialogue and terrible dubbing in heavy European accents. Avoid this one.

 from Cheating Wives Tales #2
Studio: New Sensations

You'll Enjoy This One !

What makes this DVD exceptional is that the women seem to enjoy the sex as much as the men. Who cares if they are not drop dead gorgeous; it makes the scenes all the more believable. The first two scenes are the best.In the opening scene , Michelle Lay picks up Marco Banderas in a video store and takes him home for an intense fuck session. In the second, Phylisha Anne enjoys a tryst with her gigolo while her hubby is away on business.Michelle and Phyllisha come multiple times and if this is only acting ... give them both an Oscar.The other scenes aren't bad either.

 from House Of Ass
Studio: Adam & Eve

Hot Stuff

Great idea to get all the performers to live together in one house while the video was being shot. Because they got to know each other, the sex scenes were more realistic. Joanna Angel was fantastic. Normally I don't care for tattooed chicks and she's heavily tattoed. She's rather ordinary looking and yet I really liked her because in her two scenes (with Scott Nails and Mr. Marcus) she really seemed to get off on the sex.The rest of the scenes were so-so and there was a little too much girl-girl stuff but Joanna's performance makes this worth a rental.

 from Perfect Secretary, The
Studio: Adam & Eve

Just So-So

Miss Slavish (Haley Paige), a secretary who has been caught playing with herself at work goes to a very strange secretarial school to be cured of her bad habits.There she is spanked, disciplined and otherwise abused and molded into the perfect secretary. Haley Paige is kind of appealing and Carmen Luvana is Carmen Luvana BUT the plot and the acting are sophomoric, the office settings boring and the sex acenes repetitive. Watching girls being tied up and disciplined before and during sex is not a turn-on for me which is why I gave it only two stars.

 from Me So Horny
Studio: FilmCo

One Good Scene , The Rest Is Ho-Hum

The second scene, with Jasmine and a bald headed stud, is dynamite because of the real chemistry between them. Unfortunately, the rest of the DVD is boring. Inspite of sexpots like Fujiko Kano and Layla lei,the sex is mechanical and the camerawork shoddy...I fast forwarded through most of it and so will you.

 from I Love Rita
Studio: New Sensations

Luv Rita Too.. Just Not That Much!

Rita Faltayano has a voluptuous body and a pretty face with a pouty , little girl look ...but she is curiously lacking in sex appeal.In the first scene she appears uninvolved. She's better in the rest of the video but there is a sameness to the scenes which makes them boring. Worth a rental, barely.

 from Dirty Teens In Thailand
Studio: 310

This Is Not Erotic

I love Asians espescially when they are big titted cuties like Kaiya Lin. I don't enjoy watching them get abused, choked and tossed around like rag dolls by muscle bound lugs. This is beyond gonzo and definitely not erotic.I fast forwarded through most of this video. A sleazy production done on the cheap.