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All Reviews by Rachel
 from Asian Street Hookers #32
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Begins Well And Tapers Off.

It contains four scenes, the first framed by a 'John/hooker' pick-up. The first contained more authentic cunnilingus and kissing, a more attractive male counterpart to the two actresses, and a pleasing interaction between the two women. All of this proved titillating. The remaining three, though one begins on the street and then moves into a building, are more abstracted from any narrative. The action is constituted of coitus, largely, and contains some play choking, which I found sort of hum-drum and vaguely off-putting.

 from Exotic Angels
Studio: Dreamland

A Pretty Boy Breaks The Blur.

This collection of scenes includes interesting settings and hints at voyeurism. The first of these begins with an engaging disrobing and a beautifully shaped woman. Then, expect coitus and fellatio and a series of scenes that contain the same recipe, all occurring within different interiors. One of these is a faux photo shoot where the models interact. Here, the male star makes me thankful to know that the backwards cowboy can be an aggressive possession, all considerations for gonads aside. The fact that he wore a tie the whole time made it the sexiest bit. The last scene is a less than authentic 'lesbian' encounter.

 from After Hours
Studio: Wicked

Fantasies About Lesbians

The production value on this feature is, relative to others, high. A graveyard shift cleaning woman (who fantasizes about hot women) works in a sound stage, which justifies all sorts of, somewhat cheesy, scenarios tripping through her mind. The performers vary from voluptuous to pretty thin and there are some innovative scenes involving anal penetration, scapulas, and three-way-dildo-play. The cunnilingus appears authentic. The showy kissing and occasional blowing of dildos suspended the belief that the women were genuinely engaged with each other, however. All in all, an interest in the vulva and extremely large false eye-lashes make this a film worth seeing.

 from A Tale Of Two Titties
Studio: Big Top

Implant Fetish

Okay, so, the boyfriend didn't like this one, mostly because of the horribly, surgically mutilated women. I thought it was endearing because of the framing of the scenes within 'stories,' which really translates to performers reciting some lines (some better than others) and then hurriedly having boob-centered sex. There was one performer, the male in the second scene, who was great to watch because of his animalism. However potent he was, he couldn't make up for the visible dimples in the saline sacks underneath the women's skin and the horrible degree to which nearly everyone was sun burnt. Nonetheless, there is some authentic-looking cunnilingus, interesting camera-angles, and a certain centricity around feminine pleasure.