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All Reviews by RacerHex
 from Real Adventures #10
Studio: DreamGirls

Pretty good early episode

Keeping in mind this was released in 1999 when the series was somewhat new, this title has a lot to show for what it is. No penetration of any sort and very little oral contact below the belt, but there is a lot of spreading especially toward the end (one cutie girl on the beach in the evening, holds her flower open for quite some time, and from different angles). There's a mix of random flashing in Mardi Gras style which is hit or miss, too bad clever editing still leaves in the obnoxious guys or boyfriends; there's the two babes sorta hosting who mostly do a lot of flashing in public but also some play in private; and there are a few girls who do club flashing (lot of upskirt too) and then more private spreading back in the kitchen. Also some kind of wet t-shirt outdoor contest where nearly all the girls have nothing else on but the shirt, plenty of wet coochie on display and many of them are nice plump and somewhat milfy hotties. Fun stuff overall if you're a fan of being teased like this. I used to live in one of the states where full XXX movies were not allowed, so having borderline stuff like this available was quite nice.

 from Wild Party Girls #6
Studio: DreamGirls

Pretty good, camera and editing could have been better

This had some nice flashing and the two main girls did a lot of sexy kissing, titty sucking, and eventually all the other intimate stuff in a private room (oral, fingering, spreading, 69, insertions). But this footage suffered a lot due to bad camera work (poor focus in the better action scenes) and too much clutter in frame (who was the fucking guy in the background watching, didn't need to see that). The outdoor stripping contest stuff was nice, several of those girls spread their cheeks from behind and one of the more mature ladies really did it for me (dark nipples, hot pink lips spread wide open). The Roadrunner stuff was just ok, a couple of hotties got all the way nude but most were just topless. And the audio was filled with noisy dudes, I had to watch this muted for the most part. Some Mardi Gras stuff too but again, that has too many dudes in it getting in the way of the flashing ladies... I ended up having to fast forward a lot but I came back to the 18 minute mark for that dark haired lady...

 from Wild Party Girls #17
Studio: DreamGirls


This wasn't one of the wildest DreamGirls dvds I've seen ... there were moments of full explicit nudity but no real spreading or fingering or anything showing full pink or penetration. There was a lot more of the "host" girl than usual, too. At the end she does a lotion application which is the most naked and intimate it gets, and even that doesn't quite part the labia. As far as the wet t-shirt/bikini stuff, some of the girls did get fully naked but a lot of them didn't... and too many angles showed all the dudes there ... speaking of, the mardi gras flashing stuff really got too many dudes in the flash shots, that was very distracting. Overall, some eye candy but didn't get me past a half chubby.

 from Night Club Flashers #4
Studio: DreamGirls

Really hot but lots of filler

There were at least three really good scenes - one with a thin babe who was quite good performing for the camera, make sure you watch all the way to the end where she actually does a full spread; then a sexy threesome in the club, three girls playing and two without panties, one who was genuinely giving good head to another while kneeling where she stood; then a really hot babe with huge areolas and fantastic labia, flashing on the stairs outside a hotel. However, there is tons of club stuff that doesn't have much to show, so I had to fast forward quite a lot. Still, the good scenes are worth it.

 from More 90's All Naturals
Studio: Big Top

Not bad...

This was a surprisingly short dvd but the scenes were all decent, if a bit dated (a little washed out). I definitely have a thing for Fawn Miller and Trinity Loren, their scenes were good although I wanted more fuck positions and less of everything else. Trinity did some really hot lactation throughout, but kept her bottoms on even during penetration (and didn't move them far enough to get as good a view as I would have liked). The other two scenes were also ok but I had to go back to Trinity and even then, none of the shots were quite enough to blow my fuse. Still, nice lactation flow from Trinity's perfect breasts, that worked once I concentrated ;)

 from Knocked Up Knockers
Studio: Big Top

Milk and Runny

I would give this 3.5 stars. As others have said, definitely a good title if you're into lactation.... there's PLENTY of that in different volumes (scene one, it's purely incidental and only toward the end; scenes two and three show it in abundance, particularly scene three where she's just dripping even when performing other positions). Lots of nice dark, puffy, pointy mammary action. I adore Chaz, she's got all the loveliness of a hot adult preggo babe and it was nice to see essentially two scenes with her. Both of the other ladies were hot, though I wanted a more lingering pace with some of the first scene (pink shots were too brief). The guys in this can be a bit distracting, same with some of the camera work. And yes, the content is a bit short. BUT, I LOVE the stockings two of the girls were wearing, added another sexy element for sure.

 from Reel Classics
Studio: Big Top

Boob Lovers Only

I'm somewhat of a boob man but this left me less than satisfied. Most of the footage is really grainy even for my tastes (I usually enjoy historic pron), and most of it is above the waist (there are no explicit shots below the navel). Interesting to look at and marvel at the glorious shapes, but not all that stimulating.

 from Large And Lusty
Studio: Gentlemen's

Eh... so so

I'm giving the girls all the stars here - they were nice soft real looking cute babes that all would be really fun to roll around with. It's the production that didn't make this so hot to watch ... too much 2 guys 1 girl stuff, and not very many good positions that take advantage of the ladies' plumpness. Some footage just seemed awkward. Same dudes in each scene too, that was distracting.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #30: Hairy Beavers
Studio: Kick Ass

what a disappointment

I'd really like to give this more stars for the women, since some of them are pretty hot and the cover girl in particular I have always liked. But this was such a boring letdown, with relatively little focus on the unshaved muffins and way too much screen time for the guys' faces, the strange fetish stuff (feet, sleeping, etc), and just a lack of passion in too many scenes. Come on YFG, he said as he popped the disc right back in the mail...

 from Knocked Up #2
Studio: FilmCo

Spurt worthy

Clearly this title has a very specific appeal, but if that's your thing this shouldn't disappoint. There are six scenes (and the disc did have some strange playback issues so you may need the menu if you're trying to ff a lot) and four of them are solid, two were just ok but for me, that's plenty of content. Two scenes were really, really good - the second scene has a babe who has passion and seems very aroused (red and engorged) plus her body is awesome, dark nipples and a lot of stripes on her curvy body; the last scene has two women going at it and both are really hot and plump and sweet, with some flowing lactation thrown in for good measure.

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