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All Reviews by Pretty Fair Bi
 from Married Men With Men On The Side
Studio: Pacific Sun

Great View Of Sex...

Great DVD... I highly recommend enjoy watch this "Married Men With Men On The Side" because this help Married Men or Bi-Curious to open their mind to have sex with another men... BEAUTIFUL SEX!

 from Golden Age Of Gay Porn, The: High Riders
Studio: Gentlemen's

Enjoy It As Ok...

I like Jack Wrangler, I am big fan of Jack Wrangler for long time and enjoy watch it, also, another one sex scene that I enjoy it too... Most of is Ok to watch it...

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Classified Caper
Studio: Gentlemen's


Very Bored! Why did I watch it in first place? Because it seems like nothing in that movie... Don't bother to rent it...

 from Tag! You're It!
Studio: Arena

Enjoyable View

Love it! want watch it again... Perfect for Gay Date watch this together... I would recommend for Gay and Bi Men to watch it that I am sure they will enjoy it very much...

 from My First Bi
Studio: Gentlemen's

It is ok to watch Bisexual... Pretty Fair to enjoy Bisexual sex to watch it on the DVD... Good for Bi First time to watch it.

 from Older Men Want Some Ass #2
Studio: Bacchus

Enjoy And Fun To Watch...

Enjoy to watch this DVD... Help relax to see who those men while they sex with another men... Good DVD..

 from Golden Age Of Bi Porn, The #1
Studio: Gentlemen's

Pretty Ok...

It is ok to enjoy watch Golden Age Of Bi Porn, The #1... It is 70's way of BiSexual... Vintage Sex...

 from Tyger Tales
Studio: Fox

It is ok... I do enjoy some sex scene but not all of it. Ok for me to watch it.

 from Golden Age Of Gay Porn, The: Break 'Em In Bareback
Studio: Gentlemen's

Clay Russel Was In That Movie!

I am BIG FAN of Clay Russell and surpised to see him as young guy in that movie. It is 70's Gay Classic Porn. that make me wonder If it is Clay's First Gay Porn??? I enjoy watch it...