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 from Honeymoon Heat
Studio: New Sensations

Good Couples Feature

i like porn with plot. it doesn't mean i'm soaking up great acting and storyline; that is ultimately not the intention of porn. but it does make the sex hotter if its included in a story and that's what "honeymoon heat" does well. jewel de' nyle's bathroom scene with joel lawrence is particularly blistering. and gina ryder's seduction of lee stone is every guys fantasy; watching her aroused sexual focus as she rides lee stone is basically worth the rental alone.

 from Point Of Entry
Studio: Wicked

Generic 90S Porn

1990s era porn had some great standouts from various studios if you like some plot with your f****ing. i selected "point of entry" with this in mind. there is, however, nothing particularly exciting about this story and the accompanying sex. move on to another selection.

 from Carmen Goes To College #3
Studio: Digital Sin

Waiting For The Hotness To Kick In.

For all intents and purposes this movie should have been hotter than it was. With huge cock superstars Ben English and Julian who usually push their female partners to the edge, I was expecting this one to be a rip-roaring F-fest. Unfortunately the heat level never increased with this one. The acting and storyline was great but the sex should have been hotter. Digital sin releases some great plot-based porn. You'd be better off looking elsewhere for that though.

 from Sweetwater
Studio: Digital Sin

Great Feature

i'm a sucker for porn with plot, sets and costumes. putting a 20-year-old girl in a posh living room with some porn cock as is the formula for about 95% of today's porn is really tired and lame. which is why "sweetwater" is a breath of fresh air. director red ezra's cinematic style is plush with great camera angles and costumed fuck-stars, dressed in 20s/30's era gangter/flapper attire. the scene with olivia del rio and julian is hot because of the intense chemistry and totally seductive blowjob that opens the proceedings. the other hot scene involves angel long and lee stone where long's cock-riding is enthusiastically hot!

 from Julians Seductions #2
Studio: New Sensations

Just Average Compilation

pornstar julian is an attractive performer both visually and personally. he seems like the nice guy next door that your wife or girlfriend secretly has the hots for. possessing a 9" cock can't hurt either. the above attributes have made him a favorite among porn ladies. however, that is not really revealed in "julians seductions 2" where most of the sexual chemistry seems pretty tame. perhaps volume 1 of this series is hotter, but i would suggest searching out other titles with julian to discover hotter matchups.

 from Naughty College School Girls #12
Studio: New Sensations

At Least The Box Photos Looked Hot. . .

new sensations/digital sin could really be onto something with their "naughty schoolgirl" series. the set-ups should be exquisitely sexy and hot, but because many of these girls are amateurs with limited porn credentials the sex seems staged, and the girls absolutely not sexually aroused. the movie stills as illustrated on the box look hot (and that's the first step in successful marketing of adult video-make sure the box is attractive), but unfortunately the content in #12 of this series is not. hopefully new sensations improved upon the naughty schoolgirl formula as the series progressed. it will be up to you the viewers to investigate the potential.

 from Naughty College School Girls #27
Studio: New Sensations

Naughty School Girls 27

New Sensations may be on to something hot with the Naughty Schoolgirls, but #27 in the series is just not arousing. I presume this is because many of these girls are amateurs (or at least were at the time of these earlier productions from early to mid 2000s). The girls often seemed awkward around their much more experienced male co-stars, and being scared or at least unsure of how to respond to an oversized phallus is just not hot. Move onto another one in this series if you dare. There's bound to be some hot scenes somewhere. . .

 from Erotic Stories: Lovers & Cheaters #2
Studio: New Sensations

Not As Good As Erotic Stories #1

Director James Avalon returns to direct the second installment of Erotic Stories. Again the cinematography, music, edits, and scenarios are well done; unfortunately the sex is pretty lackluster and downright unexciting. The sex seemed more than staged, and chemistry between couples seemed average at best. Skip this edition and rent Erotic Stories #1 which was much hotter.

 from Erotic Stories: Lovers & Cheaters #1
Studio: New Sensations

Hot For Couples!

i give erotic stories: lovers & cheaters 5 stars because of the high quality and arousing sex contained therein. the dialog and scene set-ups are credible and often amusing. the cinematography and editing were often choreographed to the music making for hot visuals including some effective slow-mo shots. the sex and fantasies were either above average or really hot (there are always better scenes than others) but this hard-to-please reviewer rather enjoyed this selection. your wife or girlfriend will dig it as well.

 from Best Of North Pole #2
Studio: New Sensations

Poor Example Of The North Pole Series

Really quite disappointed with the NorthPole series in general. While I am not expecting big-budget productions with a gonzo series like this, the consistently low quality camera work and amateur-like girls who seem about as interested in sex as a root canal are distracting from the whole point of wanting to see girls enjoying what they are doing. Admittedly the North Pole series is expansive and I'm sure some hot scenes exist, but unfortunately this was not revealed in this compilation. Renting individual selections in the series would be a better option than renting Best of North Pole #2.

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