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All Reviews by Pornlvr
 from Lewd Conduct #12
Studio: Diabolic

It's All About Shyla

Simply put I got this one specifically because I used to be a big Shayla fan and I enjoy seeing her stuff again evey now and again. She's been out of the biz for a while now, unfortunately. None the less I enjoyed her scene. For the most part a fiarly bland movie and probably not something I'd rent again, but I just had to see Shayla in something I hadn't watched before.

 from Down The Hatch #6
Studio: Diabolic

Normal For The Series

I've always liked this series, especially the early editions. This one is more of the same and if you enjoy the series you'll like this one. It does get a bit repetitive but for the most part it's worth the rental. Cool to see an early day Aurora Snow in action. I've always liked the way they tend to use girls for more than one scene too. Porn has obviously come a long way since the early version of DTH, but it's still a good series to check out every now and again.

 from Attention Whores #1
Studio: JM Productions

Good Start For The Series

Okay, I gave this one a mid star ranking only because I had seen others of the series and know what the concept is supposed to be about. The girls in the flick are supposed to try and steal the attention of the camera whether or not they are involved in the action. Later editions have two girls in every scene which helps the concept. In this one only the first scene with Vanessa Lane and Ashley has two girls. As a result, I would consider this the best scene. It actually is hot, But Vanessa just does a great job of trying to steal the scene. To be truthful, most scenes are good, but only Vanessa seems to have understood the concept. I'll also say that I disagree with the reviewer who didn't like director's comentary. I thought it added to the flick, getting a little background info, on the bad side it did make it hard for me to watch Vanessa's scene without laughing once I saw the commentary.

 from Mouth 2 Mouth
Studio: Diabolic


not too much to add because pretty much all the other reviwes were right on the money! this one was hot and i kept it for a while (sorry everybody who had to wait). the only reason i held back from 5 stars was because there were a couple of scenes i never really came back to after the first viewing. every duo except kayla and chelsea get two different opps to swap. the long scene usually includes one or at most two guys poppin and then the short scenes with just swapping would usually include at least 4 guys giving the girls some swap juice. kayla & chelsea get their mouths and throats thoroughly banged and it's a hot one. really worth the rental!

 from Cum On In #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Gotta Love Dasha

Overall this vid is a good one. Dasha has better squirting performances, but as always, she more than satisfies in this one. Personally I'm a fan of the internal cum shots and then the act of pushing it out, only would've been better if there was another girl down there to catch it. Beware though, if you're not a fan of watching cum fly out a chicks ass you may want to skip the third and fourth scenes. All in all a hot one though.

 from Lick It Up #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Good Rental

This is one of those movies where you know it could've been so much better but the performances of a couple still keep it very strong. Hillary and Lanny put on good strong performances as usual and I think Alexis' scene was a plesant surprise. However, there are several moments of dullness in some of the other scenes and even some in the scenes I just gave good marks to. I'd say it's worth the rental. I kept it myself for about 4 days.

 from Ass Cream Pies #6
Studio: Anabolic

Good But Repetitive

First off, I love the fact that Dasha eventually went hardcore. She was the whole reason I got this DVD and she of course shines in this one. Her squirting is awesome as always. Overall the DVD is hot and watching the girls push out the cum from their ass and eat it is pretty hot. Worth the rent overall, but must admit the scenes get a little repetitive.

 from Girlvert #9
Studio: JM Productions

Average Girlvert

If you're a fan of the Girlvert series you will enjoy this edition, but in my mind it wasn't one of the better showings. Ashley does her usual bang up job of breaking down the hos, but it's noting new here. I think in some of the earlier versions it seems to be a little more like the girls have truly been broken than in this version. None the less, I still enjoyed the DVD and was still amazed at the amount of punishment these girls can take. In my mind the openning scene with Deja Dare (one of my faves for her ability to take part in some of the hardest hardcore out there)is the best of the movie. be fore warned, this movie is not for the faint, not a cuddle up with your girl for a romantic tryst into erotica. This is just full on hard core dirty sex. The kind of hard core Gonzo JM Productions is known for.

 from Attention Whores #4
Studio: JM Productions

Good Fun Flick

As the last reviewer said, the editing was horrid. Untimely cuts and weird blips in the film were a constant and tend to take away from the overall good sex. It's the main reason I only gave three stars. These girls completely understood the concept of fighting for the attention of the camera. Personally, I believe Cindy Crawford did the best job. The only down side of her scene is that she does such a good job of being an attention whore, that I was often laughing which makes it kinda hard to concentrate on what I was doing while watching. Overall, like I said the sex is good and the girls really did well at fighting for attention, making the sex even better. Could've easily been a 4 or 5 star flick if the editing wasn't sooooooo bad.

 from Cum Buckets #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Just A Compilation

I guess I should have realized it just from the box cover, but I didn't. Personally I'm not a fan of cum shot compilations as I enjoy the action as well as the finish. None the less, it did provide some good wank material. There are bonus scenes that are full scenes with Kayla Marie, Julie Night, Tianna Lynn and at least one other whose name I can't remember. Even these are pretty bland though and all were just BJ scenes, but with multiple guys at least. Overall, decent spank material, but still left quite a bit to be desired.

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