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All Reviews by Pornhorder
 from North Pole #6
Studio: New Sensations

Worth A Look.

The main reason to watch this film in my opinion is the Bonita Saint scene. This particular scene, with a lot cut out of it, has been all over the internet and it is nice to see the whole thing in high quality. She brings a certain hotness to her scenes and it is unfortunate that there is not more of her out there. Also of note is the appearance of Katie June, who is an up and coming little southern gal who has been hot in every scene I've seen her in so far. Her scene here is a little short but gives you a reason to look out for her in the future. The rest of the scenes are OK, but not necessarily worth renting it for.

 from Villa, The
Studio: Vivid


Janine waited so long to have sex on screen with guys that when she does it now it almost looks like she's having her first orgasm every time. She reportedly has had several real deep sexual experiences with the guys she's had sex with on camera, and I would definitely say it shows here. Both Hailey and Jassie turn in hot performances in this film. I'm not a huge lesbian scene fan, but I couldn't take my eyes off of Hailey and Janine. Janine is a great example of how sex can be amazing with a woman older than 18, and she is so into it that the all-over tattoos don't really even detract from the scenes. The heavy tattoo look isn't for everyone, but on her I think it works. Ignore the dumb story line unless you are watching with your girlfriend. It looks like a professional film, but the sex is what makes it worth renting.

 from Welcome To The Valley #5
Studio: Nectar

Worth The Watch.

Two of my favorites, Justine Joli and Vanessa Lane sold me on this movie. Justine lezzes it up with a real hot girl, and Vanessa never disappoints. Overall production values were high and all the scenes were pretty hot. I keep thinking if I rent enough Justine Joli videos that someday she will slip up and have sex with a guy, but alas I was let down again here. She looks like a porcelain doll with perfect features. Please Justine, just one guy before you retire?

 from Prisoner
Studio: Cal Vista

Like Miami Vice With Sex

A little too much story development here for my tastes, but some good sex as well. Interesting seeing Nina Hartley with Justine Joli. Justine is one of my favorites now, Nina was one of my favorites 20 years ago. Haley Paige scenes were good, the rest were OK. Take out the story and it would be pretty good.

 from Polarity
Studio: Wicked

Identity Crisis...

This film tries to hard to be a real drama, which it is not, and not hard enough to be an adult film. Had some potential with the actors involved, but got too bogged down in the story line. Worth a look if you're a fan of Nicole, or if you're a fan of Howard Sterns girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, whom she looks just like. The bonus scenes of her are better than the ones in the main movie. Still waiting for Justine Joli to do a guy on film. Don't think it's going to happen though.

 from Lesbians In Lust
Studio: Old Pueblo

Good Lesbian Flick

i'm not a huge lesbian movie fan, lesbian scenes are kind of hit-or-miss for me. i rented this movie hoping there was a scene i have been looking for in it between victoria zdrok and laurie wallace, but unfortunately it was not in this movie. that being said, their respective scenes were not bad. victoria's scene in particular was pretty hot. laurie's scene not so much, but her body is incredible to look at. i'm still not 100% sure that "vanessa" in the video is vanessa lane, but it sure looks like her in a black wig. whether it is or not it's still a pretty hot scene. shayla leveaux also has a good scene, although her name is not listed above. some of the other girls featured lean towards the "real" lesbian side of the scale, and some of them might be of interest to someone that is into bettie page type of girls. all in all one of the better all-girl flicks i've seen.

 from Hot Squirts #1
Studio: Bad Seed

Nothing New To See Here...

This movie is a few years old, so I guess it actually came before the "flood" (pun intended) of squirt movies that are out now, but I guarantee you've seen everything on it, or something similar, before. I think I rented it because it was the earliest Lily Thai movie I could find, but in the extras she talks about "all the movies" she has done before, so I guess there are earlier ones of her. Here is a brief summary: Cytheria has her typical epileptic fit and soaks everything, Tianna Lynn pees all over the stairs, Lily tries to squirt with Cytheria but has stage fright, Missy Monroe takes it up the ass and appears to enjoy it, the other two girls soak some more furniture, and that's about it. The guys all make a lot of noise but are pretty much dribblers. If you want to see ANY kind of squirting, you can probably do better. Oh yeah, almost forgot, everyone is BRIGHT BRIGHT ORANGE! Yay production values!

 from Girlgasms!
Studio: Adam & Eve

Good Squirting Flick.

i'd say this is a good choice if you're into real squirting, as in not fake cutaway shot squirting. there are some girls in here that are not normally known for squirting, such as chenin blanc and anna malle. in fact, i don't think i know any of the girls in this film as squirters. a coupe of the girls have very convincing looking orgasms. some of the others could be written off as pee, but they all are real reactions, not fake staged "orgasms" where they are adding liquid for effect. none of them are ridiculous 20 foot streams like you're used to. this movie is about 50/50 lesbian and boy/girl scenes. pretty much everyone involved is hot.

 from Club Inferno
Studio: Nectar

Less Music, More Moans!

Another movie with a non-stop music track and too much dancing, but at least this one has male-female coupling in it. I am unable to pass up a Justine Joli film, although in this one she sort of just goes through the motions. I really like Rhiannon Bray too, and her scene with a guy is pretty good. Too much music though. Charlie Lane has a sick body to look at. Not a bad flick overall, but could be better.

 from Loose Morals: In Lingerie
Studio: Coast to Coast

Not Great, Not Terrible...

This is a relatively short movie, but not bad if you like the four girls featured. Lezley Zen is voracious as usual, and Chenin Blanc turns in a goofy but hot performance if you're a fan of hers. Three of the four scenes end with a guy smearing stuff all over the girl, like ketchup, mustard, dirt, peanut butter, etc. Not really appealing to me, but if that's what you're looking for I suppose it is done well. This happens after the scene is completely done, so it is easy to ignore. Austin Kincaid and Michelle B. are hot as usual. Dialogue goes on a bit long. Overall worth a look, but you may not enjoy it if you're not a fan of any of these girls.

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