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All Reviews by Pornfans
 from Teradise Island: Anal Fever
Studio: Teravision

Island Sex

Exotic outdoor locations, beautiful women and anal sex in every scene. The sex is hot but not over the top.

 from Delusions
Studio: Tightfit

Good Couples Film

Surprisingly good couples flick. Reasonably good plot, the end could have been better, the sex is well staged and hot. Definitely worth a rental.

 from Playgirl: Stripped
Studio: Playgirl

Highly Recommended

Another fine effort in this continuing series of couples porn. Erotic sex well set up and shot, no slapping or spitting. Production and costuming on par with the bigger budget productions.

 from Longing For Him
Studio: Playgirl


All of the scenes are well set up, costumed and erotic. To paraphrase the the deodorant commercial, porn hot enough for a man but made for a woman. Shayla LaVeaux shows she still knows how to ride a pony in her cowboy scene.

 from Mystified
Studio: Nectar

We Liked It

For those who don't think porn has to be a series of genital close-ups and sreaming, slapping, spitting and other such abuse is erotic. The scenes are shot in an almost surreal setting. The girl/guy action is reasonably hot, we would have preferred more instead of the girl/girl scenes.

 from Club Inferno
Studio: Nectar

No Heat

Beautiful bodies, high production values, except for the techno soundtrack. Way too much dancing, masturbation, and girl on girl action. only 3 male couplings.

 from Real XXX Letters #6
Studio: Purrrfect Video


Average couples fare, nothing particularly noteworty. The first scene with Sabrina is the best, although Coach's Daughter is a close second. Not great, not horrible.

 from Erotica XXX #13
Studio: Digital Sin

Kinky Hot

A bit edgier than couples fare, a little kinky, but not really abusive. If you like blindfolds, gags, a little rough sex then it's a good film for you. The women are all hot and seem to enjoy theie experience.

 from Velvet Tension
Studio: Inpulse

Jerked Off

A first for us, porn without sex. Too bad coulda beena good movie, good set ups, decent guys, hot women. What a waste.

 from Reign Of Tera #2 (Disc 1)
Studio: Teravision


All oriental women, great if thas your thing. Tera does two guys but no DP. OK but not her best work.

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