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All Reviews by Pornfancouple
 from Texas Dildo Masquerade
Studio: Heatwave


If you liked The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you like porn, then you'll love this one. A great parody that closely follows "Chainsaw", except for some wonderful deviations for the sake of the adult genre. Hot and entertaining. One of the best. Great directing, editing, writing, and acting.

 from Mistress Astria's Dungeon
Studio: Hot Wendy

Sick And Twisted--And Not In A Good Way.

Okay, we are great porn fans, and have a pretty broad range of what we enjoy, but this is exactly where we draw the line. This movie is not the least bit sexually stimulating, but instead is simply disturbing. For example, one guy in the film literally gets his balls and penis nailed to a 2 by 4 (no kidding!), and he actually wants this and, presumably, enjoys this. Another poor guy who is in need of some good psychotherapy has a rope tied around his package, and the rope is then hoisted from the ceiling, suspending him by his balls until his testicles turn blue and bleed. Fun! No doubt that the poor folks in this film were tortured by their parents as children, and therefore see masochistic torture as some type of love and acceptance. Very twisted and disturbing, and often painful to watch, this film is not the least bit erotic.

 from Master & Servant
Studio: Visual Purr-suasion

Hot Film!

This is a great movie, and would especially be enjoyed by couples. The sex is hot and interesting, and the cast is attractive. The action is well-paced and also well-directed and produced. We will definitely be watching more films from this company and from this director.

 from This Ain't The Munsters XXX (Disc 1)
Studio: Hustler

Hilarious, Clever, And Hot

A great parody film with hot sex scenes also. Lots of fun for people who enjoy sex, and especially those who are also fans of the Munsters TV series.

 from Horny Halloween
Studio: Platinum Media

Boring Halloween Would Be A More Approriate Title

Not the least bit sexy or excited, and extremely poorly made and low budget (even lower than most adult movies.) SKIP IT!

 from This Ain't Happy Days XXX (Disc 1)
Studio: Hustler

Funny, Sexy, & Great Acting--Really!

This movie stands out mainly because the acting is extremely good (really.) Of course, the great writing, directing, and editing also has a lot to do with this. If you like funny parodies with good sex scenes, then you will enjoy this one for sure. My wife and I both enjoyed it a lot.

 from Gangbang Junkies #4
Studio: Absolute Gonzo

Fun movie--and hot!

This is absolutely one of the best adult movies we have ever seen. The imaginative costumes are over-the-top amazing, and make the movie a lot of fun to watch. The location/sets are really nice also. But, most of all, what makes this one great is that the director and the cast are all having fun here, and not taking the sex over-seriously, as is the downfall of so many other adult movies. Lots of laughter throughout, and people simply enjoying themselves and having fun. And, the actors all attractive and the sex is hot. We'll be renting more films from this director, for sure!

 from Cougar 101
Studio: Wicked

Funny and wildly erotic at the same time.

One of the very best adult films we have ever seen. The vignettes are funny and yet no-nonsense, with great sex scences and highly believable acting and writing.

 from Batman XXX: A Porn Parody
Studio: Vivid-Axel Braun

Great Sex & Great Parody Humor!

This is definitely one of the best adult movies ever made and would be very enjoyable for all couples. The sex is hot, and the story, writing, and acting are also fantastic! It's fun getting to see some of your favorite well-known porn stars in roles as Batman characters. We enjoyed this just as much as episodes from the classic Batman TV series--Okay, actually we enjoyed this even more, because there was sex in it. And, all of our favorite characters from the Batman TV series finally got laid!

 from This Ain't Glee XXX
Studio: Hustler

Another excellent parody from Hustler

This is another outstanding feature from Hustler's "This Ain't..." series of parodies. In addition to the steamy sex scenes that you wish would happen (and be shown) on the real "Glee" television show, the production values for this flick are very high, and the songs are well-performed and hilarious. Highly recommended.