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All Reviews by PornArt Con-O-Saur
 from Massive Asses #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Well now. Do they cum any phatter?

I'm Impressed. Huge fan of all of the women in this film. Brianna and Alexis are the top spot holders for me. But, can I get an applause for Georgia Peach? Good night!!!! These are by far some of the phattest (white) women in the game right now. I love em. Overall 4.4 stars

 from Latin Booty Worship #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Big Booty Latinas!!! Emphasis on the BOO!

For these girls to be this hot and this thick (my 2 kryptonites), I really hoped for more. But instead, as always when not enough attention to detail is advised, the quality of a potential 5 star production sinks to 3. Almost instantly I was skimming thru the scenes just to find something worth seeing. Too many filler scenes, not enough REAL enjoyment from these women. Not to give it a totally bad review, because the women in this series are smokin! A fan of the majority of them, I enjoyed their beauty. I kinda wish it was ALL girl!

 from Big Wet Asses #12
Studio: Elegant Angel

Where the Big Wet Asses At???

Eva Angelina is super-phat!!! Even Jenny Hendrix turns my lights on! Ms. Byrne is Smokin! But it leaves me to ask, Where the Big Wet Asses at? I counted 2 (two) out of 6 (six). What? Eva and Jenny, deffy the phattest bitches on here. Every girl has an awesome scene opener, but my disappointment comes in when I'm deceived by the small booties! Overall: Great Quality, low booty. 3.8 stars

 from White Booty Worship #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Wow is RIGHT!!!!!!

I love big bootied white chicks! Flower did her damn thang on this one! Every girl is extraordinary with the body and the face. Great production. It was nice without a doubt. Overall: 4.1 stars

 from Deep Anal Abyss #1 (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel

I Enjoyed It...

I'm really into anal entertainment. The women are gorgeous. The display of anal insertions and sex was wonderful. Could have been a little better chemistry between the women in the girl on girl scenes. Overall: 4.2 stars

 from Pinky's Tons Of Buns #3
Studio: Black Market

No so Great.

Honest opinion... Pinky: Pretty, Extra-thick and nasty! The cast: Nice!!! The scenes: WOMP WOMP!!! If they really wanted to shoot this film for free, they should've just came over my house! I mean damn, STEP THE QUALITY UP BLACK PEOPLE!!! EVERYBODY hood don't like EVERYTHING hood!!! And the whole strap on thing is pretty annoying. IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT! STOP!!! I'm down for some girly kissing and nipple licking every now and then. Throw a toy and a wand in your hand and you're making magic, trust me! Get more intimate and more in touch, not so ghetto and hard! SOFTER and WETTER! Right, ladies and pimps???

 from Big Wet Asses #13
Studio: Elegant Angel

Thank goodness for a Starr!

Ok... here's the scoop. I'm a humungous fan of Bobbi Starr, Ricki White & Lucious Lopez. So, of course my review be a tad bit bias. Starting with Bobbi: Vicious. She is fast becoming one of the greatest I've ever seen. Ricki: outrageous booty and gorgeous face. Lucious: Ass for days and mean oral game. I had fun overall watching this film including the other women. 3.8 stars

 from Girls Greasin' Girls #2
Studio: Black Ice

Here's the scoop!

I thought it was pretty good besides all the film the used up intro-ing the girls. The intros were like 10 min. long! I hate that. All the women are popular black porn stars... I'm a "new face" kinda guy tho. So, that was kind of a low point for the film. Bottom line, they cum for each other and they seem to be very into each other. Those are high points in my book. overall: 3.5 stars

 from Slutty & Sluttier #8 (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel


Katie Cummings is superb and beautiful... But, wouldn't it have been even better to close out disc 2 with a girl fuck slutfest? Not one girl and two dudes. That sucks!

 from Slutty & Sluttier #8 (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel


Disc 1 is loaded with slut after slut! Generally, they have the idea down packed. Scene 2 is a favorite. Devine & Sexxx together are amazing. They made this film what it is!

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