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All Reviews by PornArt Con-O-Saur
 from Semen Sippers #7 (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Adrianna had her goin!

I enjoyed this one. I loved the Charley & Chayse scenes! Also, I really enjoyed Adrianna & Charlotte! Adrianna had her goin! I would love to see them with each other again! Can't wait to see disc 2 now. overall 4.2 stars

 from Pretty Sloppy #1 (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

This town needs more like ya!

If you enjoy long walks on the beach, reading books by the fireplace, or even holding hands while eating at your favorite romantic spot, THIS DVD IS NOT FOR YOOOOOUUUUUU!!! It is some "Hoe-riffic"TM displays of affection goin on here! I give it 5 stars hands down, simply because, you just don't see good quality nastiness anymore. These girls take slobber to a hoe-nutha-level! I mean, gaping anal scenes, cock gagging, toy fucking, choking and hair pulling. Wow! Best part of all... Every scene explodes with GIRL-ON-GIRL. PERFECTO!

 from Phattys Rhymes & Dimes #9 (Disc 2)
Studio: B. Pumper

Not What I Hoped For

It's only 1 girl on this disc. And the same song plays throughout the entire dvd. And it's got videos with B. Pumper rapping. STOP! Not hatin' just sayin'. Too much goin on. But not enuff of what I want. 2.2 stars

 from Give Me Pink #6
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Less acting, More cumming!

I'm a huge 'Give Me Pink' fan (anything Clara G. does) and this was pretty good as far as direction and beauty goes. But why is it that pornstars need direction??? Just let that wild thang come out. Some of the girls seemed pretty timid tho. There had to be a lot of supervision here. Not enough passion, so to speak. Just goes to show a pretty face and a nice body is worth the sight, but the animal that dwells inside a woman is what drives horn-dogs like myself crazy. Clara should have been in these scenes showing these youngsters how it's done! She's an animal! 3.5 stars.

 from Storm Squirters #7
Studio: Evil Angel

Boring at Times... But Consistent!

This film is very cool simply because of the girl play. These women are really into squirting and indulge in the fact that they can. Not a lot of extreme nastiness going on, boring at times... But, consistent enough to keep the streams flowin! This is a good home alone flick for women to watch, but for men, not quite nasty enough. Just an opinion Overall: 3.7 stars

 from Shawty's Pussy Tales #3
Studio: Candy Shop


First of all, come on black entertainment. Let's stray away from these dumb ass slang names and ghetto ass porn titles. Have a little more creativity. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using "real" words. This was a blanket statement by the way. As for this film, weak. Weak ideas, weak outfits, weak dialog. Please consider this... If anyone is gonna talk, let's make sure it's a "slightly geared towards sex" conversation. Girls studying with thier tits out, classic cliche. Overall: Crapola! Not turned on at all. 2.7 stars

 from Greatest Squirters Ever, The #4
Studio: Elegant Angel

Jedi mind tricks... porno-style!

'The Greatest Squirters Ever: 4' is amazing! Very powerful visions on this film. Let's just say strong enough to soak you! If your not ready for hot, nasty, slutty whores squirting juices all over your funiture and floors, then you propably should pass. Because the film will more than likely seduce your woman partner and brainwash her to wet herself... and you... and everything else! Keep that in mind... (wink wink!)

 from When She Cums
Studio: Lesbian Provocateur

Not my style but... High Quality!

This movie is very "tv porn"-esque with gorgeous girls cutting right to the chase. Not very much goin on. Pros: Hot chicks, No dicks! Cons: Not enough variety. Just blondes & brunettes with little to no body and the toy play was meteoric. Overall: Something to jerk off to! 3.75 stars.

 from Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman
Studio: Elegant Angel

Kristina Rose is a Monster... Literally!

Oh Oh here she cums!!! She chew you up and spit you out! She's a man eater, a cock animal, a pussy gobbler! Whatever you throw at this tazmanian devil, she will devour. Kristina Rose is a Monster... Literally! And that's why she is The Greatest "Slutwoman" EVER! I'd like to see her be topped. Scene 1: Weird, but NASTY! 2: Perfecto! 3: Also weird but WOWZERS! 4: OFF THE HOOK! Gotta buy! 4.5 stars

 from Anne's Fetish Challenge
Studio: DreamGirls

Horror music and Gorgeous Women, Doesn't Work.

I dunno why, but there is a haunting chill of soundtrack behind these not so nasty scenes. Now, if it took place in a dungeon or some sort of alley, maybe it could work. But on a bed in a boring bedroom just partaking in a "subtle masturbation" moment... IT JUST DON'T WORK!!! 3.3 stars, for Anne tho. She's SMOKIN!

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