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All Reviews by Poncho
 from Improper Conduct
Studio: Wicked

Hot Music

Excellant storyline, good couples movie and thats what my wife and I were looking for. Devin Lane is really hot and you wish you played the violin yourself so you could be there.

 from Way You Kiss Me, The
Studio: Wicked

Amovie With Feelings

Nice story line, a movie with passion and feelings.Sex sceens in this movie were all hot especeally the last sceen with Julia Ann and Steve St Croix. Wife liked this movie, so thats a winner with me.

 from Love & War
Studio: Wicked

Cute & Funny

My wife and I enjoyed this movie. Julia Ann and Randy Spears have good chemistry together. Julia Ann is hot. There is a sexy daydream sceen and a 2 girl and guy 3 way. The movie has a cute and funny story line.

 from One Sleepless Night
Studio: Wicked

So Much For Late Night Tv

Kylie has a great body, but she played to many different parts in this movie. Several of the late night TV stories were pretty lame. Poor overall acking by others in this movie. Lost interest in this movie by second channel surf of sleepless Kylie.

 from A Lighter Side of Heather
Studio: Wicked

Vary Perdictable

Not a whole lot of story and acting, Heather not in movie much. This movie should be about her English friend.

 from Second Thoughts
Studio: Wicked

Pretty Good

Goood acting and story line, had somme funny parts. Nice use for the neck tie and had several nice looking women.

 from Pirates (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Playground


Five starr movie for me and my wife. Not familiar work of Jonne, Director, but if other movies like this one I would like to rent them. Good story line, vary good costoumes, good acting and all the actors men and women were hot

 from Served
Studio: Vivid

"only a two course dinner."

I was disapointed in this movie. It was not what I hoped for, I thought that we might get the group in the middle of the dinning room table spreading the fruits and veggies on each other and eating it off one another. Instead we got to see them sip some wine at the table then move to the living rrom where they commenced in a hour and a half long orgy that started with thier partners and finished with them switching partners many times. If you like constant sex this is for you. I was looking more for a couple's movie with a story to it. The four women in the film were pretty hot and the four men were all studs. There was little dialog in this film only at the dining room talbe, by the host and at the end of the orgy by the hosts of the dinner party. The background music to this film was also strange and sounded out of place for this movie.

 from Desperate
Studio: Vivid

Lanague To Raw

Good story line, Tera Patrick and the rest of the girls are hot. But the lanague is to raw and nasty for a couples movie. Shame on you Paul Thomas for having those girls talk that way.

 from Curse Eternal (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Horny Egyptian Girl

Brad Armstrong put together another very good big budget movie. Good storyline, Kaylani excellant as Neferkala. Good goup scene with Jessica Drake switching between a night club now and Egyptain time than. Great costumes, all hot actors but story a little long.

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