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All Reviews by Picky Couple
 from Loves of Laure, The (L'Amour de Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Fast and cheap

This Franco-Hungarian flick is completely dubbed, no matter which language you choose, moans and all out of synch. Laure Sinclair looks great and there are a couple of original ideas, but the cast just rush through the motions with almost no chemistry. We found ourselves commenting on the shots of Budapest and the tan lines around the director's buttocks, then went right back to our own personal collection...

 from Bad Wives
Studio: Vivid

Honest Thomas

An average Nineties Paul Thomas flick with the usual quirks - a natural-looking cast (great-looking lead) with no piercings or tattoos, some effort at characterization, machete-style editing that leaves plot sections missing, wacko ending, awful sound, but good use of background music, good photo angles, and a few bits that did the job for us. Not bad for a quickie rental.

 from Taken
Studio: VCA

Contrived, but good

This trophy wife's wet dream had good enough sex in it to keep us watching until the end and get us in the mood. Too bad a couple of early scenes have facials (major turn off for us), but the otherwise female-friendly formula works for us. Herschel Savage doesn't like condoms, sex toys or giving cunnilingus - and he bangs his therapist, so patient, longing Ginger Lynn now has the green light to Fall Massively in Love with her abductor. Put up with the cliches (Evan Stone can no more pass for French than Dick Cheney), the utterly superfluous MILF / Poolboy scene, the eighties-like soundtrack and the barf-inducing dialogue, and you'll be rewarded with more variety than expected and great chemistry between Lynn and Stone. For mature viewers and highly recommended for couples.

 from Edge Play
Studio: VCA

Mature viewing - which is good

We followed Violet Blue's recommendation on this one, and it got us in the mood. Scenes and direction are geared for female fantasies of being "done" by several males. No spitting, no facials or outright brutality, but sex toys and real orgasms, including a spectacular gusher. Scenes can drag on because of anatomical loops and the males talk all the time, but this well-made flick makes mature women look very desirable indeed.

 from Voyeur #11
Studio: Evil Angel

Voyeur, sort of...

This series attempts to arouse by showing us with a handheld camera what naughty things people get up to in public places, starting each scene with the perpective of someone following a woman or couple and "peeping in" on the action, only to get up close and personal as things get more involved. No music, just the background noise at the location. However, while it's nice to see women with unenhanced bodies and men who sound passionate, the scenes are formulaic and have no improvised feel to them - the idea behind the "gonzo" style in the first place. We would have liked talking, horsing around and spontaneous action (see the extras for Wicked's Caribbean Undercover, for example). Standouts: naked performers who somehow keep their sneakers on, atrocious nineties footwear and a French performer endowed with the biggest schlong we've ever seen. Enough to get us into the mood, at least.

 from Wicked Sex Party #2
Studio: Wicked

Location, location

This straight-back-to-the-mailbox feature was let down not by the sex, but by the bottom-of-the-barrel set and strange scene setup. The red material of the giant bed was so visually jarring that we grew tired of watching. As for the setup, unexpectedly getting behind the scenes only broke the mood rather than enhance it. You're really watching three scenes in one spot with switching performers, not one continuous orgy. There could have been much smoother transitions. Still, it got us in the mood, at least, despite having us "seeing red".

 from Priscila's Peep Show Fantasy (Priscila Fievre Au Peep Show)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Pretty good

This is really a series of vignettes filmed in a single location, making the "plot" just more padding. A real treat for those who like non-blondes, and refreshingly free of spitting. Priscila Sol (Brazilian) can sweep the floor with quite a few US porn stars in the way she looks and moves. No bonus scenes on this disk, unfortunately, but the behind-the-scenes footage was interesting. The director, Alain Payet, looks like your average Sorbonne lecturer, but directs with calm and care and brings a touch of class to this little sleazefest. Recommended for couples and Paris lovers.

 from Served
Studio: Vivid

Failed to satisfy

A free-for-all involving four couples in a single extended scene ought to have been a winning recipe. It might have worked had it not been for the lack of variety (each act is performed by all for ages before everyone transitions), ghastly boob jobs and a sense of "going through the motions". The boredom allowed us to notice curtain rods hanging from wires and the flash bulbs going off for the box cover stills. Chi-Chi La Rue can do better than this best-forgotten concoction.

 from Desperate
Studio: Vivid

Bargain Basement

"Desperate": what some of the cast must have been to perform in this "shot in 36 hours" caper. While we were intrigued by the bondage theme, we were turned off by Tera Patrick's clinging to an extensively tattooed biker crinminal who's into lawsuit-conscious S & M. And by the gagging sounds. There's enough for some quick solo masturbation, but in our case, it was in the mail the next morning.

 from Footage
Studio: Tightfit

Strictly for footies

Original, playful, but not our thing. We're not into performers staring into the camera, nor into repetitious moans dubbed into the soundrack. Foot-wise, however, fetishists should appreciate this.

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