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All Reviews by Penguin
 from Taken
Studio: VCA

Finally A Porn Film That Is Fun To Watch!

Veronica Hart did a wonderful job putting together a romantic story with enough sex to keep it hot, but not bore you to death. The story line was interesting, the acting was great for a pron movie. Well worth watching as a couple. Women do approach porn/sex differently than men. Well done. Think I may even buy this one.

 from Double Feature
Studio: Wicked


This movie failed to develop a plot, was moronic in nature, but did have some great looking women. It was the kind of movie you watch using the fast-forward button. Sorry I wasted my time renting it.

 from Inside Porn
Studio: Wicked

One Pathetic Flick

No plot, no story line, and a discusting abusive MFM scene. This was not the kind of movie you would watch on fast forwardd, it is not fast enough. Sorry I wasted my rental.

 from Morgan Sex Project, The #6
Studio: Wicked

A Moview To Be Watched In Fast Forward Mode

Certainly not a couples movie. We used the fast forward button throughout the movie. We put it in the shipping envelop to return it as quickly as possible.

 from Masseuse, The (Disc 1)
Studio: Club Jenna

Turned On My Wife

Real acting, great bodies and a story line that was really interesting. It was well worth the price of admission.

 from Portrait, The
Studio: Wicked

A Movie We Both Really Enjoyed

Can you imagine a porn movie with a story line, decent dialog, great production value, and fun sex. robably the best porn movie we have seen in years.

 from Wicked Divas: Stormy
Studio: Wicked

Couldn't Watch It!

If you buy a great movie, and rewatch a good one, you watch a fair one, watch on fast forward a poor one, a really bad one you flip through using chapter scan, this one you just press eject. That is waht I did. Some of her real work is great, but this was like watching a series of advertising trailors. Better to watch the 10 o'clock news.

 from Getting Even
Studio: Metro

Turned My Wife On!

My wife loved it! So, what else can I say. That is what I wanted. She woke m up 2 times in the night she saw it saying she was hot! Try it.

 from Curse Eternal (Disc 2)
Studio: Wicked

Don't Waste Your Time On Disc 2

I'm not sure the poit of producing Disc 2. There wasn't anything on it worth watching. Just a waste of a rental.

 from Grand Slam #1
Studio: Combat Zone

Best If Seen In Fast Forward

This movie was the worst production I have seen in years. The gang-bang was not attractive. Just rough and abusive. Rented it on the basis of the other reviews. Hand to watch it in supper fast forward mode.