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All Reviews by Pal1Lap
 from Barefoot Confidential #7
Studio: Kick Ass

Light On The Content

Well, with only three scenes, this movie really needed to hit hard in all three - and it just didn't. Ms. Chains was pretty boring with her boyfriend - quiet, kinda stiff, not nasty at all. The girl/girl was okay, I kinda liked the blonde - but they could've really taken this scene to the next level - but it was just average. The scene that actually interested me the most was the scene with Summer (who is now named Kami) because it was not only her first scene, but only the second guy she ever did in her life. Well, it wasn't a bad scene - but the movie doesn't have much to offer.

 from New Wave Hookers #2
Studio: VCA

Old School

One of my favorite movies is New Wave Hookers #3, so I thought I would give this a shot. I have to tell you, great strides were made by the Dark Bros. from this release to the following release (#3). #2 had very short sex scenes and the sex wasn't all that nasty - kinda tame. The story was funny for a porn, but I wouldn't recommend this. Get #3 instead. 2 out of 5 stars!

 from Mary Carey Rules! #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Very Carey

She's hot, she's funny, she's dumb, she's trailor, she's a little fat - and I love everything about her. Yeah, I wish she was in more scenes (having sex anyways), but if I couldn't bang her, I'd hope she'd hang around and watch. All in all - very nice movie! 4 out of 5 stars!

 from Barefoot Confidential #21
Studio: Kick Ass


Cindy Crawford and Taylor Rain rock in this! Good stuff! I also like that there is plenty of scenes. Some movies call it quits after 3 scenes. This one is double that and very good!

 from New Wave Hookers #4
Studio: VCA

kinda too "old school"

I'm a fan of the Dark Bros. and whatnot, but I think that this DVD was just too old. New porns are just better these days (to me). But I did love seeing Julie Ashton take a couple shots to the mug. But other than that, another average movie. Scenes aren't long enough and the boneing is just run-of-the-mill (even with all the goofy costumes). Three stars!

 from New Devil In Miss Jones, The (Disc 1)
Studio: Vivid

Not Raunchy - But Not Bad

I really love Savanah, so really, anything she does is cool with me. But, Jenna doesn't have any sex within the movie - and honestly, the sex is almost an after-thought in the movie. Paul Thomas seems to me to be trying to be a legit movie-maker, instead of the smut-maker he really is. For me, just not raunchy enough and not nearly enough sex, but Savanah is hot and the little piercing section was pretty wild. 3 out of 5 stars.

 from Anal Princess Diaries #1
Studio: Elegant Angel


This movie is surprisingly great. Hillary Scott looks like a young Christina Aguilera and is the sluttiest thing on the planet. She talks dirty, she sucks dirty, she bangs dirty, you name it! There is even a bonus scene in the xtras section. If you like your sex as nasty as it gets, this one's for you!

 from Fuckeroos
Studio: Colossal

hot & sexy action

This was a great movie 'cause the chicks were slutty and hot and just wanted more as a good girl should. Now, note that I seldom (if ever) watch a full porno - the stories are terrible and that's not what I'm watching for. So, I do need to knock down the rating 1 star for even trying to have a plot in this. But, the sex scene were hot. Cherokee is as hot as they come and the last girl in the movie - while not the hottest - was easily the sluttyest. Great movie. Get it!

 from Hustler's Beaver Hunt #2
Studio: Hustler


I thought this DVD was pretty good. Hot chicks, one squirts, a couple of 'em gag, they all take a load on the face. Granted, a couple of the ladies could have taken it to another level with their performance but, all-in-all, a good porn effort. 4 out of 5 stars.

 from Fucking Assholes
Studio: VCA

As Stock As It Gets!

Well, the pluses are...Sex scene to sex scene - not much (if any) bad acting. And, there are tons of scenes! So, that's good. BUT, the scenes are mostly boring, not much passion, just 'as stock as it gets'. This certainly is no 'best of' anal porno, it's just clips from a bunch of movies (all poorly edited) and the girl just happens to take in the poop chute. Not recommended!

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