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All Reviews by Pal
 from Anal Vision #6
Studio: LBO

natural beauty Melissa and she is an ass whore to boot!

Class 90's Max Hardcore anal sluts. Three scenes but the anal of Melissa makes it worth the rental and she is a natural beauty.

 from Hardcore Collection, The #3
Studio: LBO

Enjoy it for what it is

This is some of the original vignette, gonzo porn of the early 90s with Max Hardcore before he became an idiot. The way I characterize this stuff is not buttfucking the girl next but analyzing the neighborhood skank and if you enjoy a neighborhood, blue collar whore type then you can enjoy this and they all get cocked and analed hard. Why be so negtive; just rent and enjoy. By the Ophelia Tozzi make it worth a rent a this is a rare US appearance. She it exotic trailer trash hot!

 from Asian Sex Invasion
Studio: Sunshine

Kimi Ji pretty as ever

This is pretty classic Asian Porn. Overall the scenes are not great but Kimi Ji makes it worth a rental or to own for her alone. Kimi Ji has a body that is just scrumptious A+ and she is enthusiastic always. Kimi Ji did a lot of scenes over the years and she had that tight wonderful frame which every hole just looks great with a big dick in it. For some reason she over too many flicks she had substandard camera monkeys and useless directors who did not give her her due IMHO. That is not the case in this scene. All the scene needed was some Kimi Ji ass pounding and it would have been an all-timer. Overall nice scene.

 from Anal Vision #18
Studio: LBO

anything with Kitty Yung rocks

Ok, first the basics: Gonzo, Classic, Vignette and the video is all those with 90's style. Back before Paul Little became and idiot he really knew how to make good anal porn. All three of the gals are right up my alley, excuse the pun, natural, accessible and willing to deliver some ass. Kitty Yung taking a good pussy licking and serious ass pounding while standing up.bending over and grabbing her ankles....girls take notes as this works. Janice Somers is just a great girl next door or should I say petite, skinny little ass whore next door with nice pussy lips. She doesn't seem to care were he puts it and genuinely enjoys the whole enchilada/r including a nice anal pump. Brook Ashley takes a pretty long yard in the ass repeatedly on the carpet. Could have been a super scene if there were more positions. If you enjoy the class anal vignette this one is a must.

 from Anal Vision #2
Studio: LBO

girls only a 7 but the anal is a 8

Some classic 90's anal vignette porn, me like. If you enjoy mega tits taking a serious ass pounding then you will enjoy watching Jessica Fox preceded by lots of prancing around and posing. Marie Mason in her scene is actually one of those few gals that looks better in the film than on the video box. Watching here get picked up at the bar and taken home to receive some anal knowledge is done well. Nicole London has got a decent body herself and takes a healthy, anal probing after being removed from her 80's era cocktail dress...yes 'cock tail' dress. All in all an enjoyable 90's anal plunder. I bet you will watch it more than once.

 from Anal Vision #7
Studio: LBO

3 strong batters and one out of the park

Classic 90's porn. And now for something different. Ophelia Tozzi, a euro slut who only did an handful of US flicks, is hot as pistol playing with herself and then ole Max comes along and proceeds to analyze her absolutely exotic, beautiful anus package. On top of this strong anal romp you get two more anal sluts both putting in good performances. One, Misty, a little flat-chested anal tool waiting to be used and yes she does...get used that is. And then Berlin, who should not be forgotten, cuz all will grantee you are going to enjoy sherking to her anal massacre. Sure wish we could find more of Ophelia but at least you can have this one.

 from Anal Vision #1
Studio: LBO

one great natural Freda, the other two no biggie

I am a fan of the Anal Vision series until Max left as I really enjoy the natural, whore next door types he seems to have found back then. A little teasing, a little pussy lickin, a little pussy poking and then Max would go in for the kill with a serious ass stretching of his girls. Freda makes this one worth a rental and she has a great body and beautiful pussy to boot. Wish she would have done more porn as you can really enjoy a lazy assfucking of this gals 'bootis operandi'.

 from Anal Vision #15
Studio: LBO

another with Kitty Yung will do

Ok, some of my favorites/ have this combination: Kitty Yung, anal and vignettes More of some classic 90's gonzo style. As I have said in other reviews, back before Paul Little lost his way he really knew how to make good anal porn. All three of the gals are right up my alley, excuse the pun.... natural, accessible and willing to deliver some ass. In order: Raquel Linneau in the first scene is quite hot and the scene flows well including her getting a good anal fucking. She has a very nice body and pussy will suite anyone but her large natural tits rock. Kitty Yung is by the pool and begs her boyfriend to fuck her up the ass with long hard strokes. Kitty is just so natural getting fucked and is so incredible taking cock of the ass. Kitty is just one of those women that looks even prettier getting fucked in any hole on camera. Ohter actresses should study Kitty's natural delivery of nasty talk in her movies. I will put Kitty up against the great, micro-ass, anal whores like Taylor Rain any day. Beatrice is the last and though not my kind of fuck two out of three ain't bad. If you enjoy the class anal vignette this one is a must but as usual Kitty Yung steals the show.

 from Anal Vision #5
Studio: LBO

must see for FrancescaLe fans

This video is worth the entire cost just to see a very young, tight, skinny and natural titty FrancescaLe being merciless boned in the ass by Max Hardcore. And I mean boned! She was soooo hot before she got older and had her boobs blown up. The scene starts with water booking on a stove and pretty soon it is Francesca getting all her holes rewarded and turn on hotter. The other two girls are nothing special unless you like slightly overweight, German style butt whores who can suck a cock with their anus. After seeing FrancescaLe in this one you will never think of her as you see her today though then and now she is an incredible horny gal.

 from Anal Vision #12
Studio: LBO

some nice biker slut action here

There is just no way to get around saying it! Silver Dawn in this video just oooozes Biker Slut! She looks like she just came off stage as a sleazy, low rent biker bar and just has to get her pussy licked and her anus pounded. A really good Nasty Talk type.. you will enjoy and I bet $1 you will watch it more than one wacking to High Ho Silver. The scene with Natalie is quite enjoyable as if you look closely you will see Natalie Harris fighting to get Max Hardcore's hand out of her pussy as he is causing her to orgasm while being fisted and vacuum sucking her tit as the same time. I think she is one of those girls who does not want to orgasm on screen but in this case she cannot help it. And by the way Max gives her no mercy as he then begins to forcably analyze her bum while holding her legs wide open. HOT! The last scene will catch you offguard as you find yourself really enjoying watching this oriental, Kim Saunders, getting DP'd and no holes bar'd fucked by three studs. Three very nasty gals doing wonderful nasty things.

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