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All Reviews by Nick
 from Screw My Wife Please #4
Studio: Wildlife

"well worth watching"

Typical SMW series. Jamie Gillis was a pleasant change from the old gray headed fart which has become a regular in the series. This is a good tape to watch, the women are nice looking and all enjoy what they are doing. One of the girls got into it so much, I had to check my remote to see if it was in fast forward. It’s good to watch a professional; a mere mortal would have ended that scene prematurely. Not the best in the series, but well worth watching. It is a strong four stars.

 from Screw My Wife Please #7
Studio: Wildlife

No Sound.

It looked like a typical production from this series, which is good. In general I have liked them all except them all but for one.

 from Screw My Wife Please #8
Studio: Wildlife

Worth Watching

The girl in the first scene is very pretty and enjoys the action. All the women are attractive and have screen personality. The prettiest girl does a lesbian scene, what a disappointment. The women in the last scene does a good job but her titties are so inflated they look like cantaloupes. How could anybody think they look good? This continues to be my favorite series, however, the old man was in this tape W – A- Y too much. Enjoyable to watch. You won’t regret renting it.

 from Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time
Studio: VCA

Not An Oldie But Goodie

This is not an oldie but goodie. Nothing exceptional about this film. Fortunately porn has progressed a lot over the years. This is one anyone can pass up.

 from Gangbang Girl #17
Studio: Anabolic


Chloe was fun to watch. To find any other redeeming qualities was tough. The girls all looked good but it was just another day at the office.

 from Welcum To Chloeville #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

"if you like chloe, you will like this one"

Chloeville is worth watching even with the censoring. When Chloe plays hide the gigantic dildo it was fun to watch. Then see decided to play hide the turkey baster backwards, that was amazing. (Why wasn’t that censored?) Chloe did not screw in enough scenes. If you like Chloe you will like this one. As smut goes this is a good solid four plus.

 from Welcum To Chloeville #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

Chloe At Her Best

Not much to critique about this one. If you like Chloe (and who doesn’t) you will really like this film. She is at her best. If it is out, you will be rewarded for the wait.

 from Screw My Wife Please #23
Studio: Wildlife

Worth Watching

You have to be in the right mood for this series. It has some amateur, older, and a plot line that no one believes. This one is like most of the rest it is over edited. The first scene is good and the older blond is good. Then it drops off quick. Worth watching if you like professional amateur.

 from I Came, Did You?
Studio: Elegant Angel

Well Worth Watching

As usual Chloe’s tape was fun to watch. She presents a lot of personality into her tapes. She did make a content mistake. When introducing her sister for the first time in the room with her mystery screw, she was truly excited, then when Chloe removed the blind fold and she saw it was her old boy friend, her attitude and excitement changed. This could have been a great scene but she gave away the secret too soon. She won’t be able to correct this disappointment; it won’t be her first time again (well maybe from a porn view point it will).

 from Fetish Fanatics #3: Girls Who Squirt When They Cum
Studio: Dreamland

"worth watching"

This is a pretty good film. It has one good scene worth renting, the rest are fun to watch. None of the girls are knock outs, but none was expected. I would recommend this one.

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