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All Reviews by Nick
 from Screw My Wife Please #55 (Disc 1)
Studio: Wildlife

"won't be disappointed"

Man I feel bad about writing my reviews, because I diametrically disagree with other reviewers. This was not Rinaldiís best effort. Was OK to watch the girls, they all acted interested but no big Oís. If you like this series, you wonít be disappointed with it. I have seen worse.

 from Biggest Breasts Of Prague, The
Studio: Black Widow

Looks Like All Girls Real But One

The first scene was the best, The guy looked like a Neanderthal fortunately he didnít speak. She was likeable, with the best/biggest titties and enjoyed her work, had an attractive wide body. If you like plane jane sex youíll like this one it is a good solid three.

 from Filthy English Fuckers #1
Studio: Black Widow

Good Value

Interesting amateur, I like the English style of amateur. The girls are pre-plastic and decent looking with mostly full pubic. You get your monies worth with this film, it has lots of scenes. Two were boringly long. I would rate this highly because it has a lot of women. You will enjoy this, if you like amateur.

 from Filthy English Fuckers #7
Studio: Black Widow

"better than #2"

I like this series. The scenes are well done, with easy to look at girls. Good amateur. From my perspective a good five stars. Black Widow does a good job making smut or at least my kind of smut.

 from Filthy English Fuckers #5
Studio: Black Widow

Good Amateur

This is a well made amateur film. Good sound, a lot of scenes, most of which were good (no big Oís that I could tell, but nothing fake). The women run the entire spectrum of looks. The bottom was better represented than the top. But for amateur still ok. Not the best I have seen, but better than most. Itís a strong 4.

 from Filthy English Fuckers #9
Studio: Black Widow

Real Amateur

There is some real amateur on this one. It is well done. There are some older couples at the end of this dvd. There are several big Oís in this one. This is my kind of smut. This is a sound four. If you like amateur, you will like most of this dvd.

 from Eye Contact #38
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

"too few scenes"

There were way too few scenes (5) in this tape. Only one screwing out of five. The bjís were ok and the girls were mostly ok. A good concept but not enough variety. I like the amateur style but there could have been more screwing. If you have plenty of rentals, think about this one a long time and then get something else.

 from Cherries #51
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

A Good Effort

This is a good rental. It didnít appear to be a real amateur effort. Some of the girls enjoyed them selves. Two in particular were good efforts. Both of which quite possibly were the real amateurs. No big Oís but still fun to watch. Iím going to rent some of the series based on this one.

 from Older & Horny Squirters
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Watched It Only Once

Not an exciting squirting video. No redeeming qualities in this tape. Watched it only once.

 from Mother Humpin': Over 40 And Still Humpin'
Studio: Sensational

"enjoyable to watch"

Enjoyable to watch, but be aware of the length only four short segments. The segment with the girl I really liked with reel 44DDís was too short in length and she only gave a BJ big disappointment. It is a good solid three plus. Could easily have been a four if it were of a normal length.

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