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All Reviews by Nick
 from Homegrown Video #582
Studio: Homegrown Video

"xplor media continues to be a disappointment"

Homegrown Video / Xplor Media continues to be a disappointment with both content and production. Years ago Homegrown was a great amateur company. Not knowing their more recent history. It appears that Ron Jeremy has something to do with the product unfortunately. This tape during the first scene had the music (noise) so loud in the foreground that it made watching the scene tough. The ol’ girl was into what she was doing. The tape had too few scenes to justify renting. The first scene was the best and it was only marginal

 from Homegrown Video #583
Studio: Homegrown Video

Ok To Rent

OK tape. Has one good scene worth watching, she has a big orgasm. One of the girls is gothic with the ugliest tattoos all over her. Her scene is appropriate being shot in a coffin. The rest of the tape is OK but nothing special

 from Cream Pie #27
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Could Hve Been Better

If you like really bad background music that is not in the background, this is your movie. It was so loud in several places you couldn’t here anyone talk. Xplor Media has gotten completely away from amateur movies. This one is over produced to the benefit of no one. The content of the movie is same ol’ same ol’. Could have been better.

 from Horny Over 40 #21
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Worth The Wait

This is a good tape. Not real amateur work but the actors all enjoyed themselves. No gross surprise scenes, a good couples film. I recommend this tape if you like women having fun.

 from Horny Over 40 #20
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Worth Watching

This is one of HomeGrown’s better efforts. Appears to be real amateur with good quality. Several good scenes. Worth putting on your list.

 from Horny Over 40 #22
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Try It, You'll Like It

This is a good movie. Quality is good. Women are OK. If you want amateur, you will like this one.

 from Horny Over 40 #30
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Worn Out And Need New Actors

This is one of the worst of the series. Same old same old, nothing new and nothing good. No fun to watch. If you see this series and haven’t seen any of the others, don’t make your decision not to watch any of the rest. This is obviously not a real amateur video.

 from Brunettes From Behind
Studio: Wicked

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Roxanne Hall was the reason I rented this DVD. This was not her best effort. It did have one good scene out of four hours. Unlike “Doc” I have noticed that these four hour tapes have a lot of filler and are as a rule not very good. This is an OK DVD. The girls were for the most part good looking.

 from Horny Over 40 #27
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Worth The Wait

This is a good one to watch. Every one has a good time including the women. It always makes good entertainment to watch a female who really has an orgasm. Few fake moans and groans, this is a good amateur tape(still high quality). The girls are real and fun to watch and all are having fun. I highly recommend watching this tape. This whole series has been good. I have hesitated to say this before I have seen most of them.

 from Big Top Cabaret #2
Studio: Big Top

Save Your Rental

“A solid hour and a half of non-stop hardcore action.” Does not accurately describe this tape. This is an old tape with older “stars” . Not fun to watch way too much plot. This tape rates a one at best.

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