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All Reviews by Nick
 from Screw My Wife Please #11
Studio: Wildlife

Fun To Watch

Enjoyed this movie. Half of the scenes were really good, the rest were OK. This movie has a distinct format which I like. Establish the personality of the girls then pour the pork. What a concept. Not too much plot, just enough.

 from Natural Bush #16
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Worth Watching

This is true amateur. Could not make out the conversations, but otherwise it was decent quality. Worth watching.

 from American Sex
Studio: Wicked

An Ok Movie

I don’t know what Ca$h was smoking, but this was not a good movie. It was an OK movie. The Wicked company has continuously made bad middle of the road films, I broke my own rule, if it’s made by Wicked stay away from it.

 from Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em
Studio: Vivid

Rent This One !

Chloe was enjoyable to watch and enjoyed what she was doing. As expected her time on the screen, although not her best was better than 90 percent of the rest. Would have given the film 5 stars but she was not the only girl.

 from Fifty Plus #4
Studio: Shooting Star

Ugliest Woman In Porn

I expected this to be a “different” kind of movie. If that were my only expectation, it met every expectation. This film may have the ugliest woman in porn in one of the scenes. I was expecting all the women to be rotund. That has nothing to do with my rating. These women start out ugly and rank down to scary ugly. There are no redeeming qualities in this film.

 from Broad Strokes
Studio: Vivid

"worth watching"

Enjoyed watching Chloe. Not at her best (no eyes rolling back) but she definitely enjoyed her day at the office. The film was OK. But I still say there is nothing more useless than a smut film trying to develop a plot. This one is OK for couples, as long as you control the remote and fast forward the slow spots.

 from Paradise of Japan #13
Studio: Oriental Dream

Stay Away From This One

Maybe some of the worst porn every made. Stay away from this one. Not only do you not understand anyone but it is poorly produced. You won’t like the girls and you won’t like the music. There are only two girls in the entire film. Neither acts like they enjoy being in the film. Stay away from this one.

 from Shane's World #27
Studio: Shane's World

Fun To Watch

This is a fun dvd to watch. I enjoyed it a lot. Very entertaining good sex and well presented. The extras were good. It is a strong 4 to 5. There were no big “0”s but they all enjoyed the action.

 from Housewives Unleashed #9
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

"enjoyable to watch"

Maria was annoyingly noisy; she was in a restroom. I would rather hear an occasion sigh rather than a constant fake moaning and yelling. Most of these women were seasoned and not eligible for Barely Legal. This is not a negative, they all performed routinely. No big orgasms but still enjoyable to watch.

 from Homegrown Video #584
Studio: Homegrown Video

"below expectation "

This is way below expectation for amateur video. It had one marginal scene out of only four.

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