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All Reviews by Nick
 from Partners Forever
Studio: Wicked

Wicked Stinks Again

As usual this one stinks; loud bad music in the background, fake moans and groans. Didnít even watch all of it. Wicked has yet to put out a decent film. Save your rental.

 from Real Adventures #34
Studio: DreamGirls

"don't waste your time"

Could be the worst smut film on the market. You will be truly disappointed with this tape. Save your rental for anything other than this one. The synopsis for this tape is very misleading. Let me accurately revise the synopsis ďstarts out bad and continues to get worse.Ē

 from Fire & Ice
Studio: Wicked

Arf Arf Arf...What A Dog

This movie could not have been more mediocre. Who ever paid money to make this dog should not be allowed to make money from this film. This is a Turkey's turkey. It has no redeeming production or content value.

 from Homegrown Video #589
Studio: Homegrown Video

A One Scene Movie

This tape had one scene worth watching. The girls were real and the picture and sound quality was good. The rest of the tape did not live up to my expectations of HomeGrown. The solos were very worn out and not worth watching. I would recommend to rent it, but you will only have about 15-20 minutes of good tape. I would rate that part of the tape 4 stars.

 from Flesh Hunter #5
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Just A Day At The Office

This is another day at the office movie. One good scene. The girls were good looking but just working on the clock. It gets two stars only because of the one good scene.

 from New Girls #6
Studio: Evil Angel

It Stinks

After watching this tape, I donít know what tape the other reviewers were watching. It had one good scene. Certainly not good or long enough make it a rental choice.

 from Internal Cumbustion #3
Studio: Zero Tolerance


Save your rental slot for something else. Maybe five minutes worth watching. Not very exciting.

 from Orgy World #5
Studio: Evasive Angles

Middle Of The Road

Middle of the road. All the women were lookers. Every thing else was same old same old.

 from Beautiful
Studio: Wicked

Save Your Rental Slot

These are truly beautiful girls. However, that is not enough to rent this film. It is grossly over produced. It reeks of fake moans and groans and the music is so loud that it is distracting. You wonít like this film. Unless you are interested in over produced fakery and bad music. Save your slot for something better.

 from Candy Store Coeds
Studio: Baby Doll

Nothing Special

Watched it once and passed it on. Not worthy of a repeat. With the exception of Cytherea.

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