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All Reviews by Nfj
 from Gangbang Girl #1-2
Studio: Anabolic

Where It All Started

The original GBG still stands the test of time. Trixie Tyler was the perfect girl for these movies and this was the best performance of her career. Nasty in a good way.

 from Goo Girls #5
Studio: Rodney Moore

I Love Queeny Love

This movie wasn't as good as Queeny Love's other Rodney Moore outing (Goo Girls #1), but still worth watching just for her. Darla Crane was also hot, and everyone else does a good job as well.

 from Goo Girls #1
Studio: Rodney Moore

Love Queeny Love

If you're a Queeny Love fan, than this disc is for you. She does a number on Rodney and he rewards her efforts. The rest of the disc is typical Rodney, but that's a whole lot better than a lot of stuff out there, so I doubt anyone would be disappointed.

 from Teacher's Pet #4
Studio: Rodney Moore

Nadia Niiiiice

Nadia Nyce pretty much spent her entire career with Rodney Moore, but what a career it was! You can watch anything with her name on it and it's guaranteed to be hot.

 from Teacher's Pet #3
Studio: Rodney Moore


Anything with Nadia Nyce in it is worth watching as far as I'm concerned. This one doesn't disappoint.

 from Bride's Initiation
Studio: VCX

If You Like Carol Connors...

A lot of 70s porn suffered because just showing people having sex was exciting. Actually showing exciting sex didn't com until much later. By modern standards, this is a snoozer, but if you like seeing Carol Connors partly naked (she doesn't actually have sex), then maybe this is worth watching. It is funny, though.

 from Erotic Adventures Of Candy
Studio: VCX

A Brilliant Classic

This is one of the Top Ten Best Movies of all time. Carol Connors is brilliant, and the story and supporting cast are all superb. This is truly a refreshing break from the production-line movies made today.

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Young Seka
Studio: Gentlemen's

A Must For Seka Fans

Before Seka became the Platinum Princess, she was simply the hottest blonde to hit the biz and this DVD captures this young Seka at her best. Although the sex may not be as hot as it would get as she got farther in her career, seeing her as a cute young thing is definitely worth it.

 from Teen Purr-fect
Studio: Fusxion

Jenni Rocks!

Jenni Morrison had a short careeer, but if you're a fan, this is a MUST! The other scenes were good, but I got it for one girl and I wasn't disappointed.

 from Cheeks #2
Studio: Coast to Coast

Great From Beginning To End!

This is a great example of late 80s/early 90s porn. Interesting enough plotline with lots and lots of great sex. Britt Morgan was funny and sexy and could drive any movie. If you liked the plot masterpieces of the 70s, this is a good 80s nod to that era.

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