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All Reviews by New Jersey
 from Awakening, The
Studio: Vivid

Could Not Develop Interest

The first few scenes feature a truly obnoxious male character forcing himself on every female in sight. In addition, the same few scenes seem to feature the same couple over and over again. If they were different people we could not tell the differnce. It may have gotten interesting later on , but we did not have the patience to try it for any longer.

 from Obsession of Laure, The (L'Obsession de Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Weak Effort

Although this feature has a number of striking women, the vignettes are not very erotic. This is a collection of scenes of people going through the motions. It does not build any excitement.

 from Decadence
Studio: Studio A

Outstanding on all Levels

This video has stunning sets, stars and settings. Shot in what would appear to be Venice, the exterior shots are interesting. The interior scenes are in what would appear to be lavish European residences. The women are each very pretty and the production values very high. One nice aspect is that this is shot in a continuous fantasy style. There are no distractions between vignettes. The only area where this video is wanting is that none of the stars ever seem to climax. But all in all, this is well worth renting or considering to purchase.

 from Eros
Studio: Wicked

Excellent Choice

with such a large librbary of available choices, its hard to figure out whihc are the quality offerings. "eros", an extremely well done effort falls into the high quality cateogry. it proves to be quite arousing. the story line is interesting, settings are lush and vignettes are varied from the typical sequence we find in many adult movies. there is great continuity from one scene to the next leading to a constant level of excitement. there are two additional bonuses. first, the film avoids excessive profanity and secondly, the ladies don't wear clown shoes.

 from Cost of Lust, The (Le Prix de la Luxure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Good With Reservations

Marc Dorcel productions are usually a cut above the rest. In this video, the settings are wonderful, costumes great and some of the actors attractive while some less so. This effort loses points for too much story line between vignettes and too much time spent on a lame story line.

 from Fade to Blue
Studio: VCA

Artitstic Expression

Michael Ninn's video's lean toward the artistic side and as a rule, they are usually worth viewing. This one though seems to be artistic to a point of distraction. The video cutaways happen so often, at times that it is hard to know where we are in the sequence of events. This technique gets in the way of building excitement. We did not find this exciting.

 from Maze, The (le Labyrinthe)
Studio: Marc Dorcel


This couples film is so artfully done that it was well worth the time. The costumes are creative and the vignettes varied sufficiently to maintain your interest.

 from Aria
Studio: Studio A

Don't Waste Your Time

Earlier reviews suggested that Aria is quite attractive. That is a valid point. Other than that, there is not much good to say about this video. There is no dialog, just incessant piano droning for want of a better word. Can't call it music. More like someone playing notes at random. It is extremely annoying. The action does not build. It is simply touching. The scenes shif time sequence back and forth and frommonchrome to color. There is no discernable pattern as to what is fantasy or reality. If the producer can't make it consistent how are we supposed to figure it out. All in all not a very arousing film

 from Amnesia (La Ruee Vers Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Exceptionally Good

Typical of Marc Dorcel's efforts, this video features many exquisite women, interesting coupling combinations and erotic costumes. It is very erotic! It is originally produced in French butdoes offer multiple language choices for voice-over. This is well worth renting.

 from Whispers
Studio: New Sensations

One Star

This video has only two things going for it: one. there is a common theme woven between the vignettes and two, the star is attractive and is the only person interested in the lovemaking. On the flip side, - the video quality at times is extremely low resolution - the actors by and large do not seem very engaged. They are just going through the motions - the chapter index does not include all of the chapter It's hard to grasp why this got so many positive reviews.

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