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All Reviews by Nevarre
 from Sweet Lil' 18 #10
Studio: Sin City


finding a good "barely legal" series is tough. hustler's barely legal series is usually great, but for the bloody awful music. this dvd was decent; the girls are lovely, the scenes don't waste so much time with setup that you reach for the fast forward. it's by no means stellar, though, largely because the scenes tend to focus on one position and go with it...for...a little too long. aurora snow's scene was actual my least favorite; she's done so much better work than this (she's still great to look at, of course). ann howe's scene, the first one, was good; she does a great scene in one of the barely legals, too, but damned if i remember which one. the last scene, with aiko, was hands-down the best, if only because she's the most involved of any of them.

 from Vice Squad
Studio: Underground

Good But For The Music

Hot girls (several of whom have gone on to bigger and better movies), good scenes, bloody awful music. I'd have given it 3 stars otherwise.

 from Beat The Devil
Studio: Digital Playground


The sex scenes aren't bad, if a little repetetive, but there are only 4 of them, and the stuff in between goes on a bit too long.

 from 18 And Lost In Cleveland
Studio: Erotic Angel


not exactly sure what the "lost in cleveland" angle comes from; they went to the trouble of mentioning the name of the city from time to time, but it's kind of a weird gimmick. as for the sex itself, the first scene is just a girl masturbation scene (not exactly my thing), the second one is pretty hot, the third and fourth drag a bit. there are better "barely legal" flicks out there; this one you can skip.

 from Barely Legal #45
Studio: Hustler

Good Stuff

first three scenes are great, the second one especially (what can i say, i like redheads). last three scenes (one of which is a "bonus" scene, though calling it "boneless" might be closer to the truth...not every guy can do this stuff, apparently) are ok, pretty standard barely legal fare.

 from Eye Contact #18
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

I've Seen Better

I gave this two stars because the first two scenes were decent. First girl obviously knows her fellatio and the second is all gothed-out and perky (what can I say, I dig perky goths). The next three...kinda dull. One girl lactates for the camera. I dunno. That's just not my thing, I s'pose.

 from Horny Hairy Girls #18
Studio: Rodney Moore

Some Very Nice Stuff

4 stars is charitable; the black girl does drool a bit much for my taste, but she's so darned hot. Plus we've got two natural redheads here; can't beat that with a stick. I like Rodney Moore's stuff when he keeps the gimmicks to a minimum, so this was a good video.

 from Stuntgirl #1
Studio: Pulse

Sexy Stuff

Artfully shot. The sex scenes are hot, performers are enthused, and the scenes at the club, real or not, feel organic. I only wish there had been another boy/girl scene, but I'm definitely looking for the next installment.

 from Squealer
Studio: Hustler

Gotta Love Audrey

Sex is a bit repetitive, but there's something nicely dirty about the fact that it's the same eight people through the whole movie, in what looks like the set of House of 1000 Corpses. Plus I like Audrey Hollander quite a lot. If you'd like to see rough sex without going full-on fetish, this is a good one.

 from Scenario
Studio: Crush

Not For Everyone, But Good Stuff

Like a lot of other folks, I didn't really dig the overdubbed scenes, but out of five scenes only two had music instead of normal sound. The scenes with sound were nicely done (the third one especially), though the fourth scene (overdubbed) was so short as to not be worth including. Anyway, if you're used to the gonzo stuff from Diabolic and Red Light, this probably isn't for you, but if you're looking for something a little softer it's good.

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