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All Reviews by Nbxus
 from Dream Quest
Studio: Wicked

Awesome Fantasy Porn

Great porn with a story. Video quality 9/10 Audio quality 8/10 Sex scenes 9/10 Fantastic and elaborate sets, great looking actresses and proper lighting made this a very enjoyable dvd that both my wife and I enjoyed. I recommend this video to couples. The only downfall in my opinion: too many condoms for a period film. -Nbxus

 from Marionette
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Fantastic Foreign Porn

Foreign porn. Very well done. Video quality very good 9/10 Audio 8/10 (dubbed over in english) Sex 10/10 (Anal, DP and great cum shots) Story 8/10 (with various sets) Lighting 9/10 My wife gave it 2 thumbs up and so do I! -Nbxus

 from Shock
Studio: VCA


This was one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. Video quality:10 Audio: 10 Sets: 10 Lighting:10 Artistic Quality: 10 Sex scenes: 10 I recommend this movie to both couples and singles, it's freakin' AWESOME! -NBXUS

 from Debbie Does Dallas
Studio: VCX

Classic Porn At Its Best

Audio and Video quality was good for an older movie. Porn with a plot and some comedy. None of the women looked alike, plenty of variety in the women in their appearances. I highly recommend this movie, especially for wife loved it! -NBXUS

 from College Invasion #1
Studio: Shane's World


This video is what all those Girls Gone Wild videos should have been. Made me wish I was back in college. This DVD has a real gonzo feel to it, makes you feel like you are there in the middle of all the action. Lots of college students and several of them having sex. Worth renting! Video quality 8/10 Audio 7/10 Sex 9/10 -Nbxus

 from College Guide To Anal Sex
Studio: Shane's World

Wanna-Be Guide To Anal Sex

this video was hilarious and aimed for guys. decent anal sex video with cheesy special effects with no story line. not really a guide for anal sex. the video does offer some tips for anal sex, but that's about it. there's plenty of anal sex in the video, nothing really spectacular. video quality is very good and the sound quality is decent. worth the rental for the first 5 minutes: "the adventures of anal woman" -nbxus

 from Barefoot & Pregnant #13
Studio: Heatwave

So-So Prego Dvd

I love pregnant women, especially naked ones! This video had 3 scenes and only one of the scenes had a decent looking pregnant chic (the 1st scene). The 2nd scene had a so-so looking chick and the last scene on the video had a chick that was hard to look at. If you rent his video go ahead and skip the last scene. Video quality was decent, Audio was hard to hear at times(but, that happens with most pornos) Sex scenes were decent but no anal action. -NBXUS

 from Erotik
Studio: Wicked


This movie was almost a 10 out of 10. 2 flaws, one was too many condoms and the second flaw was the pacing of the movie. This movie is basically random scenes all assembled together. Some of the scenes were great but some were just OK. Overall rating: 8 out of 10 -NBXUS

 from Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Atlantic City
Studio: Metro


Funny dvd! If you like Ron Jeremy, good looking girls, comedy and lots of sex then rent this DVD. Video quality is very good and audio quality is very good as well. I recommend this video! -NBXUS

 from Camp Cuddly Pines: Powertool Massacre (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked


this is a great movie with lots of horror parodies. there's even a commentary track! video quality 9/10 audio quality 9/10 sex scenes 8/10 (too many condoms, not enough anal) sets and lighting 10/10 special fx 8/10 (it's not digital light & magic) over-all 9/10 fantastic movie for couples, singles or groups. i highly recommend this movie! -nbxus

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