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All Reviews by Nasty Guy
 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #1
Studio: Kick Ass


The babes definetely did not take more than two loads of filling before they washed up. But, from a guy who saw his first creampie video (jeeze I must be a video virgin}, it was HOT! This movie had pizazz. The video and audio quality was suberb (no obnoxious background music). The footage and editing really kept me entertained the whole way through. If you are looking for 5 concurrent creamy loads one right after the next. Then this movie will dissapoint you. But, if you like to see hardcore sluts getting gangbanged for a very long time you'll enjoy what this dvd has to offer.

 from Chubby Chasers #2
Studio: Heatwave

Nice Plump Women

Of the 10 or so BBW videos I've watched. This is one of my favorite. To more experienced porn viewers, this probably doesn't mean a whole lot. But, I did find the women to be very pleasing to the eyes. Not to mention a few other body parts as well. They really put on a good performance. With that said. The sound wasn't the greatest and the production was very low budget. I don't really care about these trivial inconveniences too badly although. Just as long as the eye candy is sweet and they enjoy pleasing a man (or two as is the case in a few scenes). And the footage is good. Then I'll be a satisfied man. Maybe I just have low expectations. My advice is, take a gamble and grab this one to rent. Then you can be the judge.

 from Homegrown Video #592
Studio: Homegrown Video

Full Of Hardcore Amateurs

Yes the sound is poor. Yes the picture quality is poor. And yes the editing isn't up to standards. But, what the heck. What you need to hear is listenable. What you need to see is plainly visible. And as far as editing goes. Well, raw footage is the very nature of what non-professional porn is all about. So, if you like watchinhg dirty and low budget sex flicks starring your next door neighbors. Then this dvd is probably worth a tryout. Just don't expect much more from it then what it's rated at. A big TWO stars. Hey, I've seen much worst than this.

 from Fat Beach Patrol #3
Studio: Heatwave

Not To Bad!

If you like really BIG girls, then you'll like this dvd. This movie features 4 really BIG, HORNY and FAT Babes who can't get enough SEX. Or food for that matter. Which brings me to this point. I am sick and tired of some of these directors taking jabs at BBW's. Just because they're FAT it doesn't mean they wanna or have to stuff their faces non-stop! This video seems to go out of it's way to prove that BIG BODIED BABES do everything secondary to eating. I think it's very distasteful. This movie features 4 sex scenes. The first 3 involve straight sex, each with a different babe. While the last scene displays a 4 woman orgy complete with toys. I have to say beyond a doubt, the 2nd couple scene by far stole the show. This young sexy fattie is HOT! She has the biggest stomach, legs and ass in the whole movie, and she carries them all well. She will blow your mind with the way she moves. AWESOME!!! By the end of each scene, that she's in, she's glistening with sweat all over her luscious body. She's a very HARD worker!!! The video and audio quality is quite good for a BBW flick. That seems to be a rarity with most chubby lady videos. Bottom line. If you like BBW's, then this one is worth your while.