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All Reviews by Mwm56
 from Handyman #3
Studio: Mercenary Pictures

Not The Best

I rented this for my wife, and we had earlier rented #1 in the series, which was better in some ways. This one seemed a little more boring. If you haven't seen or heard of this series, it's a woman interviewing these guys, and then they masturbate for the camera. She is never shown, but she talks to them and encourages them. There's no indication of whether she's dressed or anything. I don't mind watching the guys do themselves, but some of these guys aren't even decent looking or impressively endowed. More normal, I guess, which is what I was expecting with #1, which had guys in the porn biz. These guys, I don't know if they were or not, but I wouldn't assume so by looking at them. Some also had some difficulties performing. It's not bad, just not great. It is a unique series, though.

 from Handyman #1
Studio: Mercenary Pictures

Well, It Was Interesting...

I realize this was the first in a series, and my wife and I will check out at least one of the others. It was not quite what we expected, being the guys were not just normal guys, which I somehow thought they might be, for some weird reason. They were an exotic mix, only four out of eleven were typical white guys. But the concept was kind of cool and my wife enjoyed several, but not all, of the clips. I hope the series improves in future editions.