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All Reviews by Mrs. Jones
 from Special Assignment #18: Key West 2002
Studio: DreamGirls

What's The Point?

No real sex. At all. Just drunk, stupid girls getting nekkid for letcherous frat boys. Which would have been far for interesting if a.)they actually got naked or b.)they were cuter. The "mature" ladies partying with the Spring Breakers would have been funny if they hadn't been so pathetic.

 from Real Sappho Letters #1
Studio: Purrrfect Video

All Girls

I got to have a man in my life. This was exclusively girl on girl. If you like that, you might like this. I found it pretty monotonous. They were all young and cute- no complaints there.

 from Real XXX Letters #10
Studio: Purrrfect Video

Hot, Not Skanky

This was our (me and my husband)favorite of a good series. Good combination of nice wide angles and close-ups. Two hot threesomes. Good for the wife or girlfriend.

 from Real XXX Letters #4
Studio: Purrrfect Video

Cute, Young Bodies

Yeah, ok, the letters aren't very believable but the story line is better than most. The girls have that young, lean look like they are fresh from college. Good combination of nice wide angles and close-ups. Easy to show to your wife or girlfriend.

 from Naughty Amateurs #2
Studio: Combat Zone

Lots Of Head

Calling these girls amateurs is ridiculous. This is just good but basic porn. All players were decently cute. There was a lot of head and the girls talked a lot, if you like that kind of thing. Two of the five scenes involed 2 guys on one girl and the last one was anal.

 from Sexual Exploits Of Jean Val Jean, The
Studio: Playgirl

Soft Core Production With Real Porn Sex

The production quality and direction of this movie were done really well. The actors were all very attractive. If you (or your wife) prefers movies with soft lighting and nice music, this is a really good choice.

 from Personal Touch #2: Seeking Monogamy Without Monotony
Studio: Adam & Eve

Pretty Monotonous

The advice is trite. I didn't learn a thing and kinda feel sorry for the folks who need this kind of help. The whole thing was just not sexy.

 from Wife Switch #2
Studio: Pink Visual


What are these women doing in porn!? Older, not especially attractive women with stretch marks and cellulite. The realism was not altogether appealing on this one. The storyline wasn't any more realistic than the flab.

 from Please Help Me Pay For College #24
Studio: Platinum Media

Beware: Ugly Fat Guy!

Gross. The euro-trash skank was pretty hot, but the soft frat boys fucking her couldn't seem to keep it up. WTF? Each scene in this movie was worse than the last. The girls fumbled around in a completely unsexy way. The guys were unattractive. The worst was a pale, hairy guy who was at least 50-lbs overweight. Too fat to fuck- he gets a BJ from the most decent looking girls in this video. Very disappointing. I've seen episodes of Friends that were sexier than this.