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All Reviews by Mrandmrshorny
 from Hot House Tales
Studio: Cal Vista

Nice mix

Even though this movie is a little older, it was still good. There was a nice mix here and we enjoyed the variety of scenarios. The sets were cheesey, but what's new... The action was okay, and thankfully Ron Jeremy's scary self doesn't appear in a sex scene until the end (fast forward anyone). Though not the biggest Houston fan, she was excellent in the kitchen scene, devouring sweets and cock with equal abandon and throwing herself in a cake while getting fucked. (this alone was worth the rental) She ate throughout the scene and was covered in messy desserts by the finish, when her man cums on a plate of treats and she eats them! The rest of the movie was okay and the variety kept it fresh and interesting. If you want a movie that is the exact same scene over and over 20 times skip this one, but if you want to mix it up a little check this one out.

 from Vortex
Studio: VCA


It's always tough with a movie that incorporates technology to keep it from looking dated. Unfortunately for vortex it looks dated. From the cheesy computers, to the cheesy plot line, to the cheesy images floating in space it all lends an air of "this movie must be 20 years old". The sex was ok at best, and the loosely held together goofy plot really didn't help. If you want to have a few laughs check out vortex...or rent a comedy, if you are looking for hot sex that is well filmed, don't look here.

 from Jinx
Studio: Wicked

Dive Bar

Man, it was difficult to sit through this one, we fast forwarded through most of it. The sets were really rough, especially the dive bar. I wanted to have a shower and I wasn't even in there. Torn up, dirty + nasty carpet, furniture that you would pass on the side of the road...and people were having sex on these! The sex was pretty boring, and overall this is one we would say to skip. Jenna is in far better productions.

 from Fashionistas (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel

Well Deserved Awards

After viewing Fashionistas we agreed that all of the AVN awards it won were well deserved. This movie really stands out with great acting (not the usual cheesy overacting), sets and props, a good storyline, and hot sex scenes. The clothing and costumes are great combining fashion and fetish (I want that shirt Rocco was wearing in the first scene dammit!) The sex scenes seemed passionate and intense. Really no flaws, this is the first movie that we rented that we both agreed would be worth buying. If you like movies that feature one bored boy meets one bored girl; followed by yawn...This is not the one for you. If you like fetish outfits, hot sweaty sex, a mix of sets and participants, and a good storyline check out fashionistas you won't be sorry!

 from Fashionistas (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

We Were Blown Away

Disc 2 was also fantastic! Together with disc 1 this is almost a 4 hour porn movie!! This movie is truly in a league all of it's own, rent it and see for yourself.

 from Pin Ups
Studio: Wicked


This is a solid couples movie. It is softer in nature, and very good quality in the sets, costumes and picture. A more artistic look at some classic pin-up fantasies. If you are looking for an ass to mouth, hair pulling, face slapping movie skip this one. If you appreciate high quality erotic imagery good lighting and fantasy, with a little less passion and aggression or you are newer to porn, try this one.

 from Sweetwater
Studio: Digital Sin

Semi Sweetwater

We liked the production, costumes, sets, and storyline attempt. The sex scenes were very vanilla, following the typical porn format. This would be a good movie for first time couples or more conventional viewers. Actors and actresses were all attractive, but some lacked gusto for the scenes.

 from Art School Sluts
Studio: VCA

An Original

The director, cast and crew succeed in making an original porn! This is not your everyday porn, filled with bored plastic barbi's. The girls in this movie seem very real: real bodies, real faces, and they all appear to enjoy the scenes. Even a couple of humorous moments gave us a laugh out loud! The music ties well with the movie, the sets work, the costumes are on par with the title, the lighting is so-so. The sex scenes are hot, the last one is not on par with the rest. All in all a solid movie, worth checking out. If you like a more gonzo and quirky type movie with a real feel...this is a good one to check out, if you are dying to see another slut with dyed blonde hair, fake tits and inflated lips...skip this one.

 from Stuntgirl #1
Studio: Pulse

stunt cocks need not apply

This movie was worth the rental, but we didn't like it as much as Art School Sluts. The style is refreshingly different from many mainstream porns. The performers all seem to be into the scenes, and this adds quite a bit of heat. The lighting wasn't always the best and this is tough when you are trying to see what the hell is going on. Overall a good flick though. If you have seen and liked any of his other films check this one out (if not give this one a shot), if you like your porn predictable and prefer to see the same plastic actors and actresses in the same cheesey rooms over and over again skip this one.

 from PornoMation #1
Studio: Pornotopia

Porn No

Not what we were expecting, we were imagining a single animated story. The movie was a montage of a few short movies and many stills. Very creative images, but not much content overall. Little animated sex, centered mostly on beast/alien + woman. Interesting, but probably not worth the time unless you are really into animated stuff.

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