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All Reviews by Mr Self Destruct
 from North Pole #10
Studio: New Sensations

Worth It If You Like The Stars

I rented this only because I love Vivi Anne (in spite of her only fucking her dweeb boyfriend JJ Michaels). However, Jewel's scene is pretty impressive. Other than that, nothing noteworthy.

 from Barely Legal #4
Studio: Hustler

Rent for Jeanie Rivers secne ALONE!

Most of the scenes in this one are pretty weak, but the scene at the end with "Jasmin" is actually Jeanie Rivers in one of her first scenes (with Jon Dough), and she fucking nails it. I can't believe everyone is saying this video is boring and not singling this scene out. This is one of my favorite all time scenes. No way when she is on top of him that you can tell me that she isn't getting into it. Rent for that scene elevates the flick to four stars by itself.

 from Naughty College School Girls #6
Studio: New Sensations

Something missing...NS was still finding it's footing

They didn't quite have it down yet. The case seemed willing, but the movie just didn't have any spark. Hard to say what it was, but this series got good by about volume 10 or so.

 from Grrl Power! #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Pretty good considering when it was done.

Sure, it's not up to current standards, but porn in America was seriously on life support towards the turn of the millennium. When this came out, it was fresh and fun and the girls were cute. Maybe not the most intense sex, but it was a good change of pace. Of course, ANY video with Kristina Black (Taylor Sands) is worth a watch, and while Aurora Snow would become a better actress, she is lovely and natural here. Eva Moore's scene is good, too. Worth a rent if you want something light and find the girls cute.

 from Super Quick #1
Studio: Kick Ass

A Bit Disappointing

Gauge is always a draw for me, but man are her scenes better when they are with someone other than her then-BF. Trailer trash, dude! The rest of it is mildly amusing at times, but the sex scenes weren't anything special. I think #2 is a little better, from what I have seen of the previews.

 from New Wave Hookers #1
Studio: VCA

Never Saw What The Fuss Was About

I saw this movie in a Pussycat Theatre when it first came out with my ex-wife. At the time, I thought pioneering XXX was stuff like Cecil Howard, Alex deRenzy, and Henri Pachard. In hindsight, I still feel that way. I can't put my finger on it, but in spite of many great ladies of that time being in the cast, it just feels sleazy. And the whole thing with Jack Baker is just an embarrassment. Thank God for John Leslie coming along two years later with Night Shift Nurses and starting a better trend.

 from Curse Of The Catwoman
Studio: VCA

A Classic From A Different Era

Give John Leslie credit for doing something different. Between him and Stagliano and Andrew Blake, porn bridged the gap between the late 80's, when shot on film was pretty much dead and people didn't know what to make with shot on video, and the mid 90's, where the Europeans showed the way to the current well shot wall to wall that is the norm in modern porn. I remember I saw Selena Steele in a jack shack shortly after this movie had been out on video, and it was totally hot. She is a sweetheart, and although her acting is a bit wooden, the sex was pretty good for what I would call a "classic". Yeah, the makeup is 80's hangover, but Leslie did the movie right, and there are several hot sex scenes. Definitely is a top representative of that era of porn.

 from Grrl Power! #5
Studio: Kick Ass

One of the best of this early 2000's porn

If you love natural bodied teens shot on video and just naturally being sexy in a relaxed casual video, this is good stuff. I love Violet Blue and Ann Marie. Ah, these were good times. :)

 from Sodomania Slop Shots
Studio: Elegant Angel


I wanted to see some of the girls of a while back, so I rented this. Big mistake. Amazing how far porn has come in a few years. They were still getting a grip at this point, and it often looks like a bad German torture vid, despite the talent involved. Plues, most of the pops are lame. Sigh. Don't bother.

 from Things Change: My First Time
Studio: Cal Vista

Classic Early 90'S Porn

Nikki Dial was one of the most beautiful women ever in porn. Because porn in the early 90's was so lame, it is easy to forget that, but this is a good reminder. Who wouldn't cream in their jeans with those eyes looking at you? Fuck! Good scenes, believable plot, good chemistry. Not as graphic as today's porn, but it didn't get much better than this in the early 90's.

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