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All Reviews by Mr Self Destruct
 from 13 Cum Hungry Cocksuckers #4
Studio: Madness


Maybe I am just bored with oral gonzo vids, but this one just seemed to go from one scene to the next, with very little to differentiate it. No different sets, no fucking interludes, whatever. Couple of decent chicks, but no one really just made your jaw drop. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

 from New Chicks Cum First #1
Studio: Red Light District


Given the talent of the girls, this was a weak effort. I like almost all of the girls involved, but none of the scenes really stood out. If you are a fan of one of them, it is worth a try, but otherwise, there isn't much to recommend it.

 from Barely Legal #60
Studio: Hustler

Andre Madness rocks

The guy made this series hot again. Of course, the girls are important, too! :) Sindee Jennings is majorly hot, I love Emma Redd and her full red haired bush, and Alexa Lynn is perfect for the series. The other two gals aren't bad, either. In spite of the presence of Steven St. Croix and his mutant dick (which almost ruins a good scene), this one is a winner if you like BL stuff.

 from Barely Legal #61
Studio: Hustler

Decent, but girls are good

There are better entries in this series, but there are a lot worse ones, too, and the girls in this one are almost all hot. Andre Madness does a decent job, but he just doesn't get a great performance out of Ginger Lee, who has an almost perfect bod. I love Amanda West, so she made it worth it for me regardless, and Camero's scene was good too (nice little ass!). The others were okay. Worth a rent if you like this series.

 from Blowin Loads (Disc 1)
Studio: Juicy

Hot Couples Vid

I bet your GF/wife will enjoy this one. The outdoor settings were very lush, and there was some tease/foreplay. Girls were hot, and guys were ones girls would like. As for me, I love Jassie in anyting, and Nadia Styles pre-boobjob is great. Dani Woodward is another hottie, and the others were decent, too (although I am not into a chick with a strap on, but your partner might find it interesting). Good flick for a couple.

 from 13 Cum Hungry Cocksuckers #5
Studio: Madness

Worth a rent if you like the girls

The BJ's are mostly fairly average, and the guys dick is pretty weak, but if yo like the girls, it is definitely a good rent. I like several of the girls, so it was totally worth it for me. Several sexy scenes...again, if you like the girls.

 from Teen Sensations #9
Studio: DVSX


They didn't have the formula down quite yet. Volume 10 and especially 11 are much better. Attractive case, but just poorly filmed. The masturbation scenes are hotter than the sex, and they aren't that hot.

 from Teen Sensations #10
Studio: DVSX

These Teens Are Fucking Hot!

well done! i didn't like "everything" about this movie, but i liked almost all of it. kelly kline's scene was a bit of a disappointment for me (as i like her), and mckenzie lee's fake boobs were a turn off, but everything else was great! genesis skye's ass in doggie is awesome, jassie is just so beautiful, kimmy kream is totally hot, and samantha in the final scene is on fire. her anal in that scene is seriously sexy (and i'm not a big anal guy), followed by a nice oral cumshot. the thing that made this a five star for me was the bonus scenes with the women masturbating. what a great idea! several scenes were super hot... especially kimmie and jassie. all the women are very pretty, and it was well shot. good job, dvsx!

 from Teen Sensations #12
Studio: DVSX


None of the scenes were really that great...a big disappointment after TS10 and 11. I liked the girls, though...Laveah is a great redhead (with a nice trimmed bush!), Jersey Jaxin is supercute as always, and I love Kinzie. The scenes just weren't that hot. They had moments, and the solos were good. Worth a three, but could have been better.

 from Girl Next Door, The #2
Studio: Combat Zone

Good For Me Cuz I Like The Girls

Sasha Grey is just the fucking bomb. I would take her home to mother and when mom objected I would say in that Cartman voice "But mommmmmm...she can fuck my BRAINS out!" Jesus, she is a nymph...first scene and it's DP like a pro. Gotta love it. Besides that, I love Celina Cruz (ex GF had a body just like hers), and Jasmine and Kandi Hart offset each other perfectly. The other two were not my type, but even they had good performances. Good pic, all around good performances with variety. Marry me, Sasha. :)

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