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All Reviews by Mr Self Destruct
 from I Love Julia (Disc 1)
Studio: New Sensations

Rent This If You Love Julia Bond

I do, and I had most of these scenes already, but not all. She isn't the best performer out there these days, but she is awfully cute and I love those small titties and generous backside on that little frame, plus she looks like an ex-Gf of mine, so we're there, dude. If you aren't a fan of Julia, probably isn't worth the effort, as the scenes are nothing special for non-fans.

 from Down The Hatch #18
Studio: Diabolic

Hit And Miss

If you love gonzo oral movi3es, this is a decent one, but a couple of things...lots of face slapping (big turn off for me) and some skanky guys (another big turn off)...dropped it down a star. Girls are pretty good, but the overall attitude is demeaning instead of erotic. Pite. Kara Bara is great...super cute...and Kelsey has a couple of moments. The girls are troopers, but they deserved better.

 from Who's Your Daddy? #8
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Some Great Scenes, But -1 Star For Jb's Boobjob

why a cute little thing like julia bond would get a boobjob is just beyond me. couldn't watch her scene without it detracting from it. sigh. some of the other performances are particular alicia angel, who is a fucking volcano. her scene is worth the price of rental alone. my sweet sunny lane is sexy and dependable as always (how a guy could call her "filler" is beyond me...she is just more gfe than pse, which is her appeal in the first place!), and dasani lezian puts in a damn good scene, as well. the rest are okay. would have given the movie a four easy but julia's fake tits now make her acting that much more fake, and i couldn't get past it. such a shame.

 from Erotica XXX #11
Studio: Digital Sin

Worth Just For Riley Alone

Riley Mason is awesome. Love her...and for me to be raving about her in a movie that also has Sunny Lane, one of my favorites, that's saying something. Those two made the video totally worth it to me. Sara Stone wasn't bad, either, but I don't even remember the other two girls. 3.5 stars for me because of Riley and Sunny.

 from Never So Deep
Studio: VCX

Classic Golden Age Flick! five star review is is GOLDEN AGE porn, so the sex is weak compared to today's standards. However, it has decent moments, is a good movie with an amusing plot, decent characters, good music, good scenery...and, best of all, it has Loni Sanders, who was such a natural cutie pie and loved her sex in the day. Enjoy it for the nostalgia!

 from California Valley Girls
Studio: VCX

So So "Classic"

Would have been better without all the Valley Girl talk...oy vey! Hard to even recognize Becky Savage, but there are some decent moments. Worth a rent if you are into classics.

 from Sex With Young Girls #9
Studio: New Sensations

4.5 stars! Very good

Not a bad scene on the flick. The scene with Kara Bare is her best scene, and all the other girls are good. Just short of a classic. Everything good about NS.

 from Chol Ho's
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

Three stars for the women video filming

The girls are seriously hot Latinas...A+ for that issue. However, the director of this was edit happy and the scenes are so all over the place that it is seriously distracting form the actions, and the money shots are weak. I would have given it two stars, but if you like hot Latinas, you have several of them right here.

 from Mothers I'd Love To Fuck Anally #3
Studio: Gentlemen's


In spite of the fact that I have always enjoyed Liza Harper and Bridgette Monroe is someone I know, this was one lame movie. Rod Fontana is...yuk. And there was nothing sensual about the movie at all. Just a waste of talent. Don't bother.

 from Young As They Cum #20
Studio: Digital Sin


Ava Rose makes this video worth rental alone. Man, would I like to spend a night with that woman. Besides her, the rest of the girls are pretty, and each scene has moments, but Ginger Lee's scene is probably one of her most "average", and that was a disappointment for me. Worth the rental, though.

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