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All Reviews by Mr Self Destruct
 from Bring'Um Young #16
Studio: Anabolic

Maybe I saw this too late

Just seems like this is dated...maybe all the BY vids are, but this one seemed tired, in spite of the girls. I love "Daisy Dukes" (Melissa Milano), but the angles were poor on her, which is a waste of a great bod. Have seen many better scenes with Lisa Ann, and Kitty was actually a decent scene but got the least time of all of them. Never been much of a fan of Melody, and Audree was, um, miscast. Love Britney and great attitude, but again, just looks so cheap now. Amazing how much porn has changed in less than 10 years.

 from Who's Your Daddy? #5
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Uh Huh...Lots Of Good Stuff. 4.5 Stars

I love Nadia Styles before she got her boob job, so this was great just for her. However, I also love Alex Devine, the scene with Haley Bangg is a good one for her wooden self, Sammie in cowgirl is fucking awesome, and the bonus scene is excellent. Not quite a five star, but close. Lots of good stuff.

 from Specs Appeal #20
Studio: Kick Ass

One of the best KA movies, a must for specs fans. 4.5 stars.

All the girls were good, and the scenes were well shot by KA standards. When the most average scene in the whole movie is by Sammi Rhodes, you know you probably have a good flick on your hands. :) Jassie is always such a babe, and Charm was a nice surprise. This is as good as KA gets, which is not quite enough foir five stars, but close. 4.5 stars.

 from Teen Power! #10
Studio: Kick Ass

Ugh. Two stars.

Rented mainly for Jassie, who I love, but sex is weak. Don't know who is more of a freakazoid, Jennifer Luv or Brian Surewood, but they both turn me off. Not up to today's standards.

 from Young As They Cum #3
Studio: Digital Sin

Hot Stuff

The scene with Luna and Julian is worth the rental alone. This girl is fine and she is fucking hot. The two have great chemistry. Awesome scene. Most of the others are pretty good, too, with Aimee, Judy Star, Daisy Dukes (aka Melissa Milano) all looking really hot. Wasn't too much into Krystal's scene, as her boob job was pronounced, but even she had the right attitude! Overall well done vid...definitely a good rental!

 from Young As They Cum #9
Studio: Digital Sin

Has Some Good Moments

This one has some good scenes and some so-so scenes. The highlight of the movie is definitely the first scene with Kelli Tyler. She's on fire on this scene I've seen her in. She's in great shape and is really into it. I could even forget she was with Lee Stone. :P Past that, Taylor Ann is such a pleasure to see in CG (she has an awesome ass), and Melody has a nice body (but is pretty wooden). the other two are so so, but movie is worth renting for Kelli alone (and Taylor Ann's CG).

 from Teen Dreams #6
Studio: New Sensations

Super Cute Girls...Mixed Performances

Man, these girls are awesome. Would just love to be fucking them myself, but what are you gonna do? Rent this movie instead! All the scenes are good with the exception of Kayla Marie's, who for some reason often doesn't photo well. Mary Kate Ashley is so cute that I will overlook her lack of passion, but the other three are all great and super cute. If you like youngsters, you can't go wrong with this one.

 from Nuttin' Hunnies #1
Studio: New Sensations

Mostly Peter North Facial Shots

Is't okay. girls are mostly hot, and North's shots are mostly spectacular, as always. Thing about him is that he mostly does facials, not orals, and there is a difference to the oral fanatic. Facials get really boring after a while. If you are into them, though, this is the video for you!

 from Young As They Cum #1
Studio: Digital Sin

The Truth Nailed It...No Intensity

jenna is the only girl on here who is remotely into the sex...the rest of them are mostly "posing", and even jenna isn't as into it as she normally is. this series started clicking a few more videos down the road...this one is just kind of uninspired. don't get me wrong...jenna is gorgeous, ann marie has a super body, and i have always enjoyed sunshine, but they just needed to up the heat on this one. it's okay for looking at, but not solid spanking material.

 from Naughty College School Girls #20
Studio: New Sensations

Great Girls, But Weak Entry In The Series

I love almost every one of the girls in this video, but there was something wrong with almost every scene. Kennedy's scene was decent, but it was covered. Sunrise's scene was decent, but really wasn't done from the best angles. Jenna is fucking awesome, but she is with that freak Mark Davis...yuk. Sunshine is cute, but she is wooden in her performance (which I can't blame her for, as it was with Lee Stone, another freak). finally, Cheryl's scene is the more consistent one, and she is the only girl I didn't know before the movie. Funny. Anyway, wroth it if you are a big fan of one of the girls, but they have all done better work elsewhere.

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