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All Reviews by Mr Self Destruct
 from Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Not quite there yet

This compilation series found it's stride in #2. This one isn't quite there yet...seems a bit hodgepodge, and in spite of the girls, the scenes aren't that interesting.

 from Brand New! #2
Studio: Red Light District

Worth It Only For Kinzie

This video was lame. The girls weren't as bad as some have suggested, but there was almost zero energy in the scenes, and the direction was atrocious. The only redeeming factor in it was the scene with an early Kinzie Kenner and Mr. Pete. Kinzie has never done the best scenes, but she is soooo cute. It was almost as funny seeing Mr. Pete when he first started out. I think it must have been before he started taking viagra or something, because he looked much more "average" than he did later on. Kinzie, though, is super cute, and it is one of her "better" scenes. Rent ONLY if you are a fan of Kinzie.

 from A Cum Sucking Whore Named Kimberly
Studio: Anabolic

Kimberly Is Cute, But Anabolic Is Weak

I dunno, the cheap SOV look of Anabolic and the lake of good "framing" of the talent just bugs me about those guys. She's done better elsewhere. Only for hardcore Kimberly fans.

 from Grrl Power! #14
Studio: Kick Ass

Girls Looks Fine, But Ka Is Getting Weak

I disagree with the previous reviewers. I think the girls are fine. Amee Donavan is hot, and I have always really loved Veronica Lave. Angel Long looks good, and Taylor Rain is...well, Taylor Rain. It is just that Kick Ass got stuck on the cutesy concept and forgot to keep the sex hot. Even with Angel and Taylor's anals, this wasn't very inspiring. The hottest scene for me was Veronica's, which is a stretch given that her costar was Pat Myne (Tyce Bune?). She has never been very expressive onscreen, but she is more into the sex here than anyplace I have seen her. Too bad it is so poorly shot. Anyway, it's not bad...just not good.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #2: Jenna Haze
Studio: Kick Ass

If You Love Jenna, It's Great...

and who wouldn't love Jenna? She's beautiful, hot, and great in bed. Not her "absolute best" scenes, but almost all of them are pretty good. If you are a Jenna fan, definitely rent it.

 from Specs Appeal #10
Studio: Kick Ass

Not One Of Ka's Better Ones

i know that kick ass goes for that "spontaneous" look, but it just looks amateur here, and andre madness must have been phoning it in by now, because the shots are lame. lexi mathews, who is very cute, might as well be sleeping. cameron (who has never impressed me) is about as good acting as her namesake was in "the holiday". even superfucker cherry rain has a lame scene. i mean, come on, andre...this woman's ass is the bomb! a little cowgirl shot from behind, perhaps? oy vey...b-o-r-i-n-g!

 from Specs Appeal #3
Studio: Kick Ass

2.5 stars

A bit of a disappointment given the cast. Jenna and Aurora look good, but they both have done better work. Never been a fan of Chandler's, and April's good points were overshadowed by freakazoid Lee Stone. Saving grace for me was Lola, who seemed real and believable, and was majorly sexy. A letdown, given how good the first video of this series was and the talent involved.

 from Specs Appeal #2
Studio: Kick Ass

Decent Flick

Mogeta nailed it. Good looking girls from the early 200's, typical Kick Ass silly flick but with better than average sex for them, and all the scenes are worthy. Definitely worth a rent if you like that period of porn.

 from Sweatin' It #5
Studio: Kick Ass

Good KA movie

As far as Kick Ass flicks go, this is one of their better ones. All the girls are hot, it is well shot, and the naked weightlifting is a good display of their bodies. Gets you worked up for more. Good rent!

 from Kick Ass Chicks #6: Lola
Studio: Kick Ass

Lola is awesome! 3.5 stars

This girl was so underused and under-appreciated. She is a total slut, with a great pussy and lascivious eyes that would make you squirm. Some of the scenes are weak...early Kick Ass, ya know?...but it's worth a rent just to see her in action. Man, I wish I had her to come home to!

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