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All Reviews by Mr Self Destruct
 from Barely Legal #62
Studio: Hustler

Andre Madness rocks...great girls!

Man, you can really tell when they have a good director on something. This is one of the best BL vids, because Andre Madness knows how to film a scene well. It is probably more like a 4.8, but I had to give it a full five stars because Sasha is so hot (even tho it is one of her few non-anal scenes) and Ruby Flame has an ass in CG that is to fucking die for. Sammy Cruz is majorly cute in her scene, both of the girls in the girl-girl scene are cute (although it was probably the least well shot scene), and even the throwaway scene with Gwen Diamond is decent. A keeper.

 from Fine Ass Bitches #4
Studio: DVSX

Dissapointing considering the talent involved.

For some reason everything was off with this vid. It was well shot, but Eva had just had her boob job, Samantha had just gone blonde, and something just seemed off about each scene. All the stars have done better work elsewhere. Well made, but just bad luck with the girls.

 from Pretty Pussies Please #2
Studio: 3rd Degree

Hell Yeah!

Great flick! Aptly titled...great looking cast, nice pussy shots, and great sex. For a guy alone at night, this movie is one to take to the bank. Good job by all who made it.

 from Naughty Amateurs #1
Studio: Combat Zone

Not Amateurs, And Only So-So Flick

These girls were TOTALLY not amateurs. Almost all of them are known porn names. Past that, the movie was "okay"...but nothing memorable. The two girl scens with Micah Moore and McKenzee Miles and Lexi Leigh and Candice Cox were probably the best, but even then, something was missing. Several guys had lame equipment/finishes. Naudia Marie looks totally bored. Aubrey and Kitty were "okay". Just missing something.

 from Fuck For Dollars #1
Studio: Greedy

Great cast but average scenes

It's always worht it for me to see a video with Amanda West in it...way too few performances of hers. Lindsey Meadows was great as always, and Tobi Pacific seemed to be having a pretty good time. Amber Ashley is super cute but semi-wooden, and Ava Rose was just not having one of her better performances. Worth it if you like the girls.

 from Amateur Angels #12
Studio: Adam & Eve

Do People Really Enjoy This?

All the talking and BSing around by the cast was REALLY a turnoff, and the director and cameraman didn't have a clue! I mean, how can a movie with Sabrina Snow, Kinzie Kenner, and Ramona be boring? But it was! Tayla was the only enjoyable one, and I use that word loosely. Read Sex Magazine did this sort of thing much better. Sabrina and Kinzie are two of my favorites, but I can't even get excited about THEM in this format. Zzzzzzz.

 from Oriental Jade / All American Girls #1: Oh, Beautiful!
Studio: Adam & Eve

Early 80'S Porn

pretty much says it all...tame by modern standards. all american girls is a good representation of that age...pretty, natural women (watch the scene where the girls all strip and check out jacqueline lorains' body...what a babe!), an attempt (however silly) at storyline, and occasionally decent sex. defintely made more for the "couples market" and to be shown at porn theatres. oriental jade was made a couple of years later, and you can already see the leaning more towards wall to wall and less complicated production. never thought kristara barrington was pretty, but laurie smith always makes a video worthwhile for me. maybe for the older crowd, either as a couples video (aag in particular) or for those like me who grew up with movies like these, but they do not age well. i gave it three stars for historical perspective, decent production, and jacqueline lorains body. i will take her over the 18 years old that populate modern porn anyday.

 from Baby Face #2
Studio: Bad Seed


Production company is weak. The movie wasn't horrible, but it just didn't have anything to recommend it, other than the actresses, and they have ALL done better elsewhere. I love Alex Devine, and her scene, as well as everyone elses, is barely passable. Not worth the effort.

 from Barely Legal #63
Studio: Hustler

Great cast, good scenes

Andre Madness is the man. Guy can direct hot scenes even with the cheese that is the BL series. All the girls are hot in a young and natural way, the scenes are well filmed, you come away kind of feeling like you were there. Well done.

 from What An Ass! #3
Studio: Digital Sin

It's okay, but no great scenes

Most of the girls are good, but not great. No great ass shots here (major minus), no good cum shots (in spite of the presence of Manuel Ferrara...the girl takes it on her chin), and no super chemistry. Some good "Moments", but no scene is great from start to finish. Little hottie Micah Moore comes closest.

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