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All Reviews by Monster
 from No Holes Barred #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Only for Guage

In my opinion, Guage saved this from being 1 star. The biggest problem with this movie, aside from slightly bad lighting (half the scenes made the girls look like they had jondis) and sets, was that there was no build-up, with the exception of Guage the girls literally hardly said more than 5 words, and it was all mechanical. Assume one position: now rotate 3 guys around for 5 minutes. Next position: now rotate 3 guys around. End scene as abruptly as it started. Thankfully Guage was a little more vocal than the others and looked super cute in a school girl outfit. Her body is in top form in this one. But even Taylor Rain couldn't save her performance from the directing, and where usually she seems up for anything and is into her scenes, she just seemed bored annoyed and ready to call it a day.

 from Sodomize Me #2
Studio: Dreamland


Super low budget, only lighting was the one on the camera, the whole thing looks old (because it is), dingy hotel room is the setting throughout the whole thing. I only gave it an extra star since the gals had a little fun poking the guy in the bum. Definitely avoid this snoozefest.

 from A Load In Every Hole #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Funny but Good

The setup for each scene is the same for this movie: 3 guys are supposedly running a modeling agency and dumber than rocks models come in unknowingly ready to fuck. Its pretty tongue in cheek and the actors have a good time being as ridiculous as possible, in the final scene even using a megaphone while fucking. All the ladies are hot and even though its obvious no one is super turned on during the scenes, everyone is having fun like a sunday afternoon frolic. Brandon Iron is one of my fav industry studs and delivers his improv lines with his usual "comedic" timing. My only gripe might be that Brian Surewood (bandana head) is too much in his scenes, he just kinda comes off as the awkward guy that everyone else must recover the scene from.

 from Grand Slam #1
Studio: Combat Zone


I was expecting more heat in this one. 3 scenes of five or six guys standing around one girl taking turns sounded hot, but the girls just seemed overwhelmed with exception of maybe the 1st girl. Also for some reason it was kind of frustrating to see so many people in the shot but only 2 guys getting action at any one time. I wish they would have had fluffers in the scene for the guys on the sideline. Still, the girls were pretty and did manage to get all the guys to pop so kudos to them.

 from Belladonna's Fuck Me
Studio: Harmony Films


Belladonna is so sexy. She intros each segment while talking to the camera and touching herself in such a sultry way that was the cherry on top of this movie. Each scene has all the people really into and it is just nasty enough to satisfy but not over the top that it is extreme. The people talk dirty and occasionally to the camera like they are talking to you, which works if you are a guy since they often say what you can do with your dick, but obviously that doesn't do much for any ladies watching this. Still, this has major replay value and really showcases what a good adult movie can be when actors, editing, and production value comes together.

 from Fertile And Fucked
Studio: Sticky Video

Teen moms

The girls in this flick are pretty young and good looking. Each scene is the same, getting double teamed by the same two older fat guys, which added to the dirty feel of it. But the sex was actually quite tame as everyone was there to enjoy the sex without degrading or pounding the girls. All of the girls seemed into it, a couple of them definitely having a really good time. It was well produced and extremely sexy. I wish it was a series.

 from Pregnant With Desire
Studio: Heartcore Films

Nice and Tame

This just was not what I was looking for. This is a fluffy insightful and romantic movie. The girls are interviewed at length before their scene which is organic and feels more like a documentary. Its a very honest look at sex while pregnant and the emotions that come with it. But I was looking for some cock starved preggo sluts dying to get some nuts and pussy in their face. None were found in this movie.