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All Reviews by Meandwife
 from White Lightning
Studio: VCA

My Wife Liked It

My wife really liked this one. In fact it almost kind of had a story that you could follow and didn't take away from the sex. We made it about halfway through on the first try, and my wife the next day said we had to see the last half. The sex was pretty good. Definitely a good movie for couples.

 from Suite Seduction
Studio: Wicked

Pretty Good

This one is actually pretty good. It is very well filmed and the actresses are really good looking. There are a lot of threesomes, and that makes it kind of fun. My wife really enjoyed this one.

 from Secrets Of The Velvet Ring
Studio: Wicked

Good Couples Movie

It's pretty good. It's very well filmed and it has some creative scenes definitely. This one got my wife going, so it did the trick.

 from Sunny
Studio: Vivid

A Can't Miss Couples Movie

This was a very well filmed movie with really good looking women. My wife is straight but she loves girl on girl, and so do I. Sunny only does girl/girl but there is a nice mix and a pretty good m/f/m scene also. We got to the g/g/g scene and my wife lost control and attacked me, so it did the trick.

 from Fade To Black #2
Studio: Vivid

It Did Have A Story

I agree with some of the other reviews. The movie overall had pretty good sex, but apparently the director was trying really hard to put a real story into this movie. There is a lot of time between many of the scenes, and to tell you the truth, my wife and I really don't watch the movies for the story, unless the story is very simple and doesn't have you waiting 15 minutes until the next scene. Also it's kind of hard to take the story seriously in pornos. With that being said, it was very well filmed and the sex was pretty hot. But we watched it once and sent it back.

 from Tattoo
Studio: Adam & Eve

Korny But Hot

This one was pretty good. The first scene with Chloe was in a sense kind of boring. Even though it was Chloe. And if she is really having all of those orgasms, wow. If not she is a really good actress. Anyway the second scene was better, but the third, which was lesbian, was actually really good. It got both my wife and I going. The two women were attractive and large breasted and there seemed to be some heat there. Before the one woman dove in and started lapping at that pussy, she actually took some time on the other lady's breasts and that really got my wife going (who is straight by the way... go figure). In the end it's good to watch with a couple of drinks.

 from Ghost To Ghost
Studio: Coast to Coast

Just Softcore

This movie is softcore, and boring on top of it. It could have been much better. Don't waste your time.

 from Hot Chocolate: A Romp In The Dark
Studio: Wicked

Kind Of Boring

this film was artistically shot, but somehow it just lacked heat. it was too posed. my wife and i watched it for awhile, turned to each other after the third or fourth scene and said, "this is kind of boring" it just didn't do it for us.